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  1. An upgrading thing would be nice since otherwise the coin shop would be filled with too many mounts ;)
  2. Thank you. Yes making caves and snows would be fun. I've tried a few snow maps before but never a cave type. Would be interesting
  3. They are probably working on it / denied it / planning it, considering this has been suggested alot of times already.
  4. Good luck man. Sad to see you go. Thanks for everything you did for the game. Farewell.
  5. Personally, I feel PRO isn't dying. Yes, of course its playerbase has decreased a bit compared to the past few months/maybe years. But as long as a fair amount of people still play, it isn't dead. Also new players are joining as far as I know. Also advertising via big gaming YouTubers would probably just attract unwanted excessive attention (Thousands of players at once may be harmful)
  6. Yes, changing the duration would be nice. 7 days seems good but I think 10 days would be better to make it balanced (I'm fine with either since it'll at least make the item worth it). A bit of calculation as to why the boost can be for 10 days:
  7. Once every 7 days would be nice to make it more realistic.
  8. This is deep. Is this the dark side of forums
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