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Stone, Metal and Frozen Key??? (Requirement: Hoenn Champion)


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Requirement: Hoenn Champion



-If you have already a key you only can trade the Key for the next


-For example you have the ``Stone key`` and talk to the guy with the ``Metal key`` you must give him the ``Stone key`` for the ``Metal key``.


-You can t see the key in your Backpack.


- There can be a bug that he says you only have 2 relic but you know that you collected all 3 of them.

if that's the case:

Then you must hope for a patch.

If you do not want this bug to happen, you should address the guy after each relic.





Key Effects: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/103273-url





Stone Key


Location: Route 111 Desert


Relic Locations:





Metal Key:



Location: Route 120 (Ancient Tomb)







Relic Locations:






Frozen Key:


Location: Route 105 (Island cave)142524558_PokemonRevolution09_08.201822_11_38.thumb.png.8730d4b13c7133ae7e098a53b41e8b92.png



Relic Location:




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