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New Leaf recruiting. Guaran-tree-d fun!


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What's your Player name (IGN)? Skormix2


2. Number of hours played? 319


3. What's your favorite Pokemon? Gengar


4. What do you enjoy doing the most in PRO? Hunting


5. How old are you? 25

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  • Raika changed the title to New Leaf recruiting. Guaran-tree-d fun!

1. Smthsweet


2. 4 hours 40 min


3. Starmie, Mareep, Parasect, Milotic, Linoone, Seadra (sry that's a whole party ^_^'' just to say: so unmotivated to play w/out any of them that's why i looked to join a friendly guild before getting Boulder Badge even T.T)


4. I enjoy being in communities where y'all acknowledge we're all people turning to this game, in moments or periods. Think we all need friendly interactions b4 we git gud, not to say I don't like PvP- I'm here for it, just to say people showing me around is why I stay around


5. Gen Z

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