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New Leaf recruiting. Guaran-tree-d fun!


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1. What's your Player name (IGN)?


2. Number of hours played?


3. What's your favorite Pokemon?


4. What do you enjoy doing the most in PRO? (Hunting, PvP, trading, etc)


5. How old are you? (Optional)


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Name IG: NovemberMagnus

Playtime: Like 20 minutes

Fave Pokemon: I have a hard time picking favorites, but Electrode, Crobat, and Medicham are my top 3

Favorite thing about PRO: I haven't played long enough to know, but I do just really like talking to people about Pokemon.


I know I'm probably near the bottom of the list when it comes to applicants, but I do hope you choose me to be a part of your community. I consider any mmo to be a much more enjoyable experience when you have people to talk to while playing it.

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1. What's your player name? (IGN)

- Johnp19

2. Number of hours played?

- 11 hours by now

3. What's your favorite Pokemon?

- Rotom, Greninja and Gengar

4. How old are you?

- 19


I just want to be part of a community where i can share moments of my adventure and play with friends. Also, i would like some help in the story of PRO because there are some things which are different from the original games. I've played pvp before in Pokemon X so i think i have a little bit of experience of all pvp thing. I'm open to anything you ask

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