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Cresselia Quest


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•Sinnoh Champion

•Rock Smash/Pick Axe

•65k Required for potion + Travel to the moon, more money maybe spent on travels, if used.



To start of the quest the player must speak to Professor Rowan who is located next to the Dialga Statue in Eterna City

[spoiler=Professor Rowan]





The Professor will first tell the player a small story about Cresselia and Darkrai, he will then ask the player to visit Fullmoon Island which he tell's us can be accessed by speaking to Sailor Darlow at Canalave City.


Upon arriving to Canalave, the player will notice that Sailor Darlow has been surrounded by Rocket Grunts.

[spoiler=Sailor Darlow]





We must now interact with one of the Rocket Grunts and battle both of them first we will fight Rocket Grunt 1 and then Rocket Grunt 2.

[spoiler=Rocket Grunt 1 Lineup:]

gengar.gif.df2f4b28993c1092b5f45b2acc5cf458.gif slowbro.gif.16e8fa5cc7e7514374a6652888b96f95.gifpiloswine.gif.248b1ea109050ba5287042bf570821d7.gif





[spoiler=Rocket Grunt 2 Lineup:]





After defeating the 2 grunts, they will disappear we must now speak to Sailor Darlow once again. He will ask the player for one more favour, asking us to help his Daughter who has been stuck in a Nightmare.




The player will need to go to Canalave House 3 and speak to Nezuko's mom who will tell us abit more about the Nightmare her daughter is having and a way to help her, by finding the Lunar Wing at Fullmoon Island.


So after accepting to help the family, the player must once again Speak to Sailor Darlow so he can transport us to the Island. Once entering the Island, we need to enter the Interior of the Island where Cresselia will be and we must interact with it

[spoiler=Cresselia ]





The player must interact with it, once interacting with it, Darkrai will kidnap Cresselia though it will leave behind a Lunar Wing so we can use the help Nezuko wake up.

[spoiler=Lunar Wing]





Once receiving the Lunar Wing we must head back to Canalave House 3 and handover the Lunar Wing to Nezuko so she can wake up.


After rescuing Nezuko, News will broadcast on the TV, the news will mention that a few strong Pokémon are causing some trouble and an aide from a strong trainer is needed. So now we must help officers defeat these Pokémon. Do note they will all be level 100.




The first Pokémon causing trouble is a Gengar on Mt Coronet 4F. So we must head over there, I advise to take the entrace of Mt. Coronet from either East of Eterna City or West of Celestic Town both leading us to Route 211 just before the Mt. Coronet Center.


[spoiler=How to get to Mt. Coronet 4F]







Once arriving at Mt. Coronet 4F, we will need to fight a level 100 Gengar who's known moves are Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Sludge Wave and Hypnosis






After defeating the Gengar, an Officer will appear and tell us the location of another Pokémon causing trouble. The Pokémon will be a Mismagius located in Acuity Lakefront (West of Snowpoint City). The known moves for this Pokémon is Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball and Power Gem.






Once we have defeated the Mismagius, we must now head to Pastoria City where a Spiritomb is causing trouble. The Pokémon will be located at the very south of City just south west of the Pokémart. The known moves on this Pokémon are Dark Pulse.






The final Pokémon we have to and put a stop to is a Sableye in Canalave Library. The known moves on this Pokémon are Knock Off






After defeating all these Enraged Pokémon the Security Officer will appear and ask for another favour which is waking up some sleeping Pokémon.




For this we will need a Pokémon with the move Wake-Up Slap or Uproar to wake up any of the sleeping Pokémon































After interacting with the last Pokémon, the Officer will once again appear. He will tell the player to check out Fullmoon Island as it looks Darker than usual.



We must once again head back to Canalave City and speak to Sailor Darlow to transport us to Fullmoon Island.


Once arriving at Fullmoon Island for the 2nd time, you will be ket by Giovanni and his rocket grunts.

[spoiler=Giovanni + Grunts]




There will be 5 Rocket Grunts but luckily you will only need to fight 1 as the Pokémon you rescued from Darkrai's nighmare will come and help you.


[spoiler=Rocket Grunt 4 Lineup:]





[spoiler=Giovanni Lineup (all level 100)]





After defeating Giovanni, I advise the player to heal up as we are about to challenge a level 120 Darkrai though it can easily be walled by Chansey. The player must head into the Interior of Fullmoon Island where they will see Darkrai and a sleeping Cresselia, interact and defeat the Darkrai.

[spoiler=Darkrai ]





After defeating the Darkrai, the Darkrai will thank you for getting him out of Team Rocket's mind control and tries to tell the player that Cresselia is in a deep sleep. once we try and leave the Fullmoon Island Sailor Darlow will tell the player he knows a person in Mossdeep City Research Centre who can help us, thus we must head there next.



Now that we are in Mossdeep Research Centre, speak to Doctor House. He will already be informed about the situation and tell the player the required ingredients he needs for a remedy.

[spoiler=Ingredients ]










The only ingredient which the player might struggle finding is The Moon Dust, it is located on the Moon. If you do not know how to unlock The Moon take a look at this guide.

[spoiler=Moon Dust locations]





After acquiring all the ingredients speak to Doctor House again and he will give you the potion







The last and final bit we have all been waiting for is capturing the Cresselia. All the player needs to do now is interact with the sleeping Cresselia on Fullmoon Island Interior and wake it up. As a thank you for waking it up, it will want to battle you, the player has the option to say no if they are not ready. All the player will need to do is get their hunting Pokémon ready (Sync + False Swiper) or Masterball if that's the plan to captute it.

[spoiler=Cresselia Battle ]




Congratulations, you should all have Cresselia now! Enjoy ❤

If you unfortunately have failed to capture it, take a look at Frequently Asked Questions.



Question 1: Is Cresselia allowed in Ranked PvP?

[spoiler=Answer ]Yes it is allowed, click here to view the PvP rules.



Question 2: The Rocket Grunts do not appear around Sailor Darlow at the very start of the Quest, what do I do?

[spoiler=Answer ]This is a bug for most players, the reason to this us unknown, if you want a staff member to help you fix the issue, make a post in the General Support Subforum.




Question 3: I have accidentally ran away/disconnected from my battle with Cresselia, will I lose it forever?

[spoiler=Answer ]

No, you can respawn Cresselia by defeating Boss Nikola, keep in mind you can only use his service for Cresselia only once. He is located in Unknown Places in Trainers Valley, directions to get there can be seen by clicking here.




Question 4: Is this Quest permanent?

[spoiler=Answer ]

Yes, this is a permanent Quest.




Hope this could help, have a great day everyone and please take care. :SquirtleShy:


If a video guide is ever needed make sure to check out Belzebel's!




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You can use in addition to Wake-Up-Slap, the move Uproar to wake up the sleeping Pokemon.

I found this out when I had a Rotom in my party with Uproar in 4th slot, while I still had a Pokemon with Wake-Up-Slap in my 6th slot.

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