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Celadon Daily Quest Guide


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I showed him a diglett with 164 ivs and he gave me an antidote (!!!!!)

However, he also gave me a shiny oddish due to completing 50 total tasks


Here is a link of the pokemon i caught


the reward is random rip

and congratz for the shiny :3


Thanks :)

The reward however is random within some bounds, that are described more or less in this thread. Never before did I receive something useless for more than 140 ivs. My guess is that the price is calculated with the MOD function, to put it simply, after the ivs are above a specific value, it starts counting from 0 again. That's just my guess though, since I can't find any other explanation. I wuld like an explanation from mods though, as if the prize is totally random, I don't need to waste time and (many) pokeballs trying to catch a good pokemon.

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