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White Psyduck with a hat. What is this pokemon? Psyduck blanco con sombrero. Que es este pokemon?


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I just catch this Psyduck. Game warning me that I just found a rare Pokemon(like when you found a shiny). Cant find nothing about it on the forum. Its a quest maybe? 


Atrape a este Psyduck. El juego me aviso que habia encontrado un Pokemon raro como cuando encontras un Shiny. No puedo encontrar información acerca de el. Alguien sabe algo?




White Psyduck.jpg

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36 minutes ago, Epithet said:

Hello @SirTesta


That is a Christmas form Psyduck. It is not part of a quest. These are available to catch during the Christmas events only.

THAANKS! Do you know what happens if I evolve it? Would it turn to a normal Golduck or Im gonna get christmas Golduck skin? Is this psyduck worth money? Have a nice day! :)

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