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Auction jolly drilbur + careful hippo + jolly Cranidos All 3 auctions ends Tuesday 07:00 PM +0


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Hello evreyone!

I am auctioning these 3 mons.

All so 1k!

All min raise 1k each time!

Accept CC 380k each. Accept IV reroll 680k. 

No insta.

Duration 48 hours after first offer on that mon! 🙂 


Evreyone goodluck and enjoy! 


image.png.53e3f741723a621ba46545e3d5455705.png co 400k 


image.png.845e68555c3154e1527e0290c77bf67c.png co 555k 


image.png.8757f82f23312699dad23e34730ac4ea.png co 90k

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