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  1. Hi, I can reduce the price by 200k. So 800k total.
  2. Garchomp, Amoonguss, Gengar sold. Lots of new mons added!
  3. That fixed it, thanks!
  4. I'm having some trouble with evolving my buneary. Maybe I'm missing something? I tried researching it a bit and asked a few people for advice before posting here. I've tried leveling it up with full happiness. I also logged in and out after the first time it didnt work. I initially was trying it at night. I also waited until morning and daytime to try to see if it would evolve. Thanks
  5. Added 3x HP Fire Magnezone, Excadrill, Tangrowth, 2x Brave Tyranitar.
  6. Congrats, pm me on discord (Deita#0246) or in game (Deita) to pick up your chomp!
  7. Umbreon, Ferrothorn x2, Rotom, Lopunny, Chandelure, 3x Untrained mons sold. Added Excadrill, Garchomp.
  8. @Diego1206 Hey, pm me in game (deita) or on discord (Deita#0246) to pick up your mons! Update: Thanks!
  9. Start 1m, Insta 4m 250k Raise, 72 Hrs CC=380k, RR = 720k
  10. 3x 31spd untrained sold!
  11. Shop reopened!! SOLD: Ferrothorn x8, Dragonite x6, Rotom x13, Klefki, Nidoking, Magnezone, Salamence, Cofagrigus, Excadrill x3, Alomomola, Tyranitar x4, Venusaur x2, Volcarona x2, Lopunny x3, Metagross, Tangrowth x2, Gengar x4, Blaziken, Scizor x2, Garchomp x3, Magmar, Porygon2, Serperior, Slowbro x2, Pelipper, Donphan, Aerodactyl, Cloyster, Steelix, Gyarados, Omastar, Azumarill x2, Crawdaunt, Amoonguss, Breloom, Beldum, Bisharp x2, Arcanine.
  12. +1 game is currently unplayable without them!! pls fix :))
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