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Exp Share or Daycare


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So in light of recent tests regarding exp share, i'd like to point out some cons and pros between exp share and daycare. While exp share is usually either pokemon + item or item x pokemon (held item for one or activate item for all 5) which in reality exp share has been used more for EV training lower level mons originally rather than actually distributing exp which drops the higher levels get based on a %, while the argument can be made that it can be edited to fit more towards an mmo setting but at the end of it you will still use the mon itself after a certain level, there are more pros that would benefit and have higher QoL changes with a daycare.
First comparisson is the way exp share works, which is pokemon with the item to be in a party, meaning you will have one less pokemon to use and might want to use item or time more than you'd ideally liked to as opposed to having 6 high level mons that keep grinding exp and money, while having 6 mons in daycare and continue to get exp, meaning you can swap out all 6 mons in daycare in comparisson to switching out 1 or 2 mons for exp share, on an exp service standpoint that'd be more beneficial for daycare services to level multitudes of pokemon at a faster pace. Might even wanna add an option to have exp or EV options within the daycare system in itself.

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Heyho, I am not against opening EXP daycares in the future. It fully depends on how we decide to calculate the EXP given from daycares.

That's definitely something we can discuss once the EXP rework goes live. 


Please bump this thread once the EXP rework is live on Silver and Gold for a few weeks in case we did not address it.

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On 9/20/2022 at 2:22 PM, Deathwing said:

 Might even wanna add an option to have exp or EV options within the daycare system in itself.

-1 on the EV options.
Safari can EV train all 510 EVs on a Pokemon in
one session for only 10k.

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