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Latios quest


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 Hello! Im trying to do Latios quest im hoenn champion have 300+ evo and also have done Jirachi quest

TV in littleroot when i speak first time said "Breaking news ..... "

Now it says Blue pokemon still roaming around

As i check Latios should be outside of the house but itsnt there

Also i never sow reporters somewhere in Littleroot

Is it a bug or smthing or its my wrong somewhere?

Need your help!!688583385_Screenshot(160).png.2a5946500a8237d6151e441b9f47a3d5.png

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Hello @Drkshdw. My apologies for the late response.


Can you please try looking for Latios in the following locations: 

  • Petalburg Maze in the northeast corner. HM01 Cut is required in order to access the maze and HM05 Flash is recommended as it is dark in there.
  • Devon Corporation 3rd floor.
  • Granite Cave.
  • Route 124 Underwater.
  • Route 123 at the lake.
  • Shoal Cave in the ice room at low tide.
  • Mossdeep Gym
  • Sky Pillar 5th floor.
  • Victory Road Hoenn.
  • Route 134, hidden behind a rock

Note that after interacting with Latios it will trigger a battle, but the outcome of the battle won’t make a difference. After the batter, return to Littleroot Town and interact with the TV in your house. You should then be able to proceed with the quest as normal.


Let me know if you have further questions.

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Game Rules  |  Resolution Center  |  PRO Wiki

Instead of privately contacting Staff, make a thread, it may help other players.

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