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  1. Im facing multiple disconnect's while im trying pvp and the system finds me an opponent. (Also i have hard lag these days and im not the only one but when you lose pvp rating is harder) My internet connection is perfect,im using windows and happens also with vpn on. Please check this.
  2. Hello im facing the following errors so i need your help 1) Appeared only 4 pkmn while gengarite quest 2) im taking this message even if im trying to fight with the 4 pkmn PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE THE SOLUTION IM GONNA WAIT FOR YOUR REPLY
  3. Love to make people laugh bump!
  4. Username: Drkshdw Server: Gold Country/Timezone:Greece/Gmt +3
  5. •Rotom wash bold 25+ def spdef hp •Chandelure 29+ Spd spatk
  6. Hello @Eon Can you please take a look here,thanks!
  7. Sold to @VinierGF Pm in game : Drkshdw
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