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The spawn system in Pokemon Revolution Online


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Hello players, 

This year we announced a new editor that allows us to change spawns, create new spawns and make small adjustments more effectively and more efficently - we also held an open recruitment round for the role as Spawn Editor for the first time since this game was made, which yieled us great new Spawn Editors that can assist going forward.

The spawns in our game are a constant evolving thing that went through thousands of small and big changes over the years. I want to thank everyone who worked on it over the years. Moving forward we will be looking at a lot of the spawns in our regions, event maps and special parts of the game to ensure all of them fit the format and rarity ideas we have developed over the years. 

We want the spawn system to be something enjoyable for everyone, new players alike veterans.

We will start with a clean slate that is why this sub-forum has been wiped clean of all old threads, all changelogs and everything related to it prior to this date. 

The spawn dumps for guide creators can be found here: Spawn dump

I have created a new Feedback thread, a new changelog thread and will be keeping this thread open for general questions. 




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