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1x Exp Boost Giveaway


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Heyyaa everyone, I'm back with another giveaway.

This time the item will be an Exp Boost



-1st Prize- Screenshot2023-08-27094420.png.22f5a015471939bac8f30d9a820f01d0.png


-Runner Up- ONÉ-STOP POKÉSHOP discount Coupon worth  40K


-Time -1 Week from now on.


To participate in this event you have to just comment down your favorite game and ask your mates to like your comment.

The contestant with the most no. of likes will be announced winner.


Edit:- Now now, I got that you like PRO very much, so just comment games other than PRO (btw whoever comment PRo earlier you're still in so don't worry). 🙂


NOTE:- In case of tie, the first to comment will be the choosen one.


Thank you, have fun cyaa! 

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