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(EMPTY) Faf's Industries


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I'm willing to negociate when you buy in bulk or when the amount remains fair for one Pokémon.

Any fake offer will be reported.

Be careful ! You can't cancel your offer.

Buyers from Gold are welcome but they must transfer to Silver.

No auctions here, only insta prices.

Items displayed are not included.

10% discount for Holydoof members.





pokedollar.png.b4bc77a9cc35a98fbd55600c783e6263.png.9179c174cf488b6caa7a695f97d822ad.png Pokedollars

Reroll_Ticket.png.72cda840aa847819f6a1b1199b7a6d0c.png Reroll Ticket - 500k

naturerr.png.9f791ae859c0e37c6a08bb0a29c5b919.png Nature Reroll - 250k

Coin_Capsule.png.5fe21ce9438b2c346c34c044dd753f8e.png Coin Capsule - 400k

masterballlll.png.3c4bbab1a3313542fa5da79bc46de3e9.png Master Ball - 60k


- Contact - 


IG : Fafouney

Discord : fafouney

GMT : +1

(I'm more likely to reply on Discord)

(EMPTY) Pokémon list:












Ty for shopping in Faf's Industries !


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