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Auction House (open again ) with most successful outcomes ( Commission Lowered)


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Hey I am varun9696 / pokeattack3

My discord is : iivarun


About me : I am a friendly guys who loves to do auction and have done a lot of them 

and all my auction were successful. I have done more than 50 auctions for myself and my friends

and then decided to help you guys with auction .


What will be the commission ?

It depends on no of mons you give me 

1 mon = 13 %

3 mon + = 11%

5 mon + = 9 %

 6 mon + = 7 %

Can help you sell mons too without auction 


Benefits :

1) There is a chance that with the help of me your auction go much higher then you expectations 

2) Your auction will be promoted in game + almost every discord server related to PRO 

3) Every update will be given to you on discord 

4) Depending on the mon the time will be setup 


I assure that you will not get dispointed 

By my service 🙂 

Contact me here / on discord for more details 


This service is free for guild members of Bullet Club who have maintained Guild Reputation





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  • Yellow changed the title to Auction House
  • Administrator

Hi @Varun9696

I wanted to make you aware I have made a couple changes to your thread. I have changed the title from "Auction House ( By the best  auctioneer)" to "Auction House". Please avoid claims like this, they are misleading, you may well be good at what you do but it is impossible to say with certainty that X person is the best auctioneer. You may change it to something like Varun9696's Auction House, or something similar if you so wish.


I have also corrected the following statement to say "Hey I am varun9696 / pokeattack3". This is because there was a typo in your alt's name, which may make it harder for your customers to reach you.

3 hours ago, Varun9696 said:

Hey I am varun9696 / pokeattackk3


In order to better protect both you, and your customers while you run this service, there are a couple things I would recommend that you do:

  • Explain in clear detail in your post, what the process is. Here are a couple examples:
    • Are your customers only paying for/requesting one auction attempt of the Pokémon, or is the service for you to continue listing auction it until it sells?
    • The Pokémon must remain on your account while the auctions are ongoing in order to follow the Auction Rules properly, so I would make it clear that this is the case to your customers.
    • Any other frequently asked questions from your potential customers, I would add to this thread and answer upfront, to help gain clarity. This will also help TMODs in validating the agreements you make.
  • Please provide evidence of each agreement you make on this thread. Since this is a service you are running with multiple people and multiple Pokémon each time, at some point, there will come a time a TMOD will need to get involved to offer clarity. In order to speed up this process, to protect you from any unnecessary investigations, and your customers from any potential mistakes or time wasted to find out the answers to questions, I suggest that you share evidence for each agreement you make containing the full conversation. The best way to do this would be in reply to your thread.

Any questions or concerns, please let me know. You can message me directly on the forum or via Discord using the tag riskhappy.

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Please do not contact staff members for private support.

Share your questions on the forums, as they can then be of use to others.


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