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  1. Hi @imafreshbanana & @Norex What you are referring to is Anchor and Jumpto/Goto bbcodes, which would appear in a pair to allow you to create shortcuts within a single post. Sadly we said goodbye to bbcode when we updated to Invision (HTML), which means this feature is no longer supported and it is not possible to create anchors or jumptos now. I hope this helps to at least answer the question, I apologise that it's not a fix to the problem. Should we manage to find a work-around, we'll update you!
  2. Hi @Gu1nevere Thank you for making us aware of this and for your honesty. Can you tell me when you first noticed this issue? Also, when you noticed it, do you recall anything particular that happened that may have led to this? In addition to this, the duplicates will need to be removed from your account, but before I remove anything, I will speak with a Developer to look into the issue to prevent it from happening again, but also to help identify all removals that need to be made. Please have patience and bear with me while I do this!
  3. Hi @GeceninREHBERi Please read the Trade Rules & Auction Guidelines. You can bump your thread once every 24hrs and no more. In addition to the above, you must specify a specific end time to your auction - the date alone is not enough. To prevent confusion at the auction end, I would recommend you either base the end time on one of the following: The auction post (which was made at 10:41:00 GMT+0) The start bid (which was made 10:44:00AM GMT+0) Or set it to end at 23:59:00 (specify timezone) As you have specified the auction
  4. Hi @GALENtiger The following Pokemon have been restored: Conkeldurr Lvl. 100 UID: 42064901 GID: 20438158 Furret Lvl. 100 UID: 50959260 GID: 56842515 Shiny Pidgeot Lvl. 100 UID: 50773276 GID: 56479724 Ampharos Lvl. 100 UID: 3555869 GID: 1353147 Klefki Lvl. 100 UID: 50775083 GID: 56483600 Please be more careful in future as it is not always possible to recover released Pokemon. We also cannot transfer these to Gale7's account - you will need to wait until the Trade Ban expires to trade these back! I will lock this top
  5. Hi @GALENtiger Can you please tell me how you "accidentally" released all of the Pokemon from this trade?
  6. Hi @Nicclas @8man96 @Ruabeom As Niclass stated in his original post: This auction ran for 24hrs. This was true for the previous and original edit too - so there is no winner of this auction as 24hrs had passed before the first bid. The confusion may have come from the fact that running an auction for "xhrs after first bid" is a popular option for managing the auction duration, but this was not the case for this one! I hope that helps clear up any confusion. I will lock this thread as the auction has come to an end.
  7. No need for that, I appreciate it, but not worth any potential argument or misunderstanding. Shinycelebi is frustrated, as I'm sure all of you are, and it's understandable - there's no problems as far as that is concerned. I also wasn't aware my images didn't load up, so it makes a lot of sense. For the sake of maintaining sanity (for all of us), I will temporarily lock the thread. Hawluchaa will make a final reply once he has come to a solution. In the meantime - @zeus27O5 - please do NOT trade the Gible. Stay safe, and good luck all!
  8. Hi @ShinyCelebi I'd like to keep all communication public for the benefit of Hawluchaa who is also looking at this. I have edited my post with direct image links (under each image). You can click these if they're not working correctly as attachments. I used imgur - it should be fine. Let me know if you have any issues.
  9. Hi @ShinyCelebi I apologise if I did not make myself clear. The 48hr after first bid was the original post - the first one created for this thread. I also apologise for the frustration, and I understand it, you are entitled to it. Sadly in any poorly handled auction, more than one person will be disappointed. My hands are tied and we cannot be 3 winners. The issue I am trying to express, and perhaps did not express well enough in my previous post, is that the information publicly available at the time of the first bid meant that this auction was due to end a
  10. Hi all, As per the first edit of the post, the auction is 48hrs after the first bid: (Direct Link to Image) @zeus2705 When running an auction, you must to ensure this is clear at all times, to prevent this issue from happening. @Virgneel I don't believe it is correct to call a final winner for this auction yet as the information in the seller's post was misleading about the duration of the auction. The fairest option is to select a winner based on what was being advertised, and the information that was publicly available a
  11. Hi all. This was the first bid, received at 9:12GMT+0. For clarity on the timer - there will be 15 minutes added to the auction for every bid within the last 15 minutes of the auction, and refreshed again thereafter for each subsequent bid. Essentially what this means, is that until there is a 15 minute period of time with no further bids, this auction is still ongoing. This is the most recent valid bid:
  12. Hi @mistake92 You're more than welcome, apologies for the confusion! Again, if there's ever any uncertainty please do ask.
  13. Hi @mistake92 The question asked in the original forum post was "is it legal to buy an account for pokedollars?" which is absolutely against the rules. Offering story services for in-game money/items/Pokemon however is another question entirely. In short, if the payment is something you can find in-game, it's permitted, if the payment is found outside of PRO, it's absolutely not and is Real World/Money Trading. If there is no payment involved and you are gifting the account, this is fine, but you must be aware that this counts towards the 4-account limit.
  14. Hi @PROMasterFai and @mistake92 Story/Quest Services are completely legal services within PRO in exchange for in-game money, items, Pokemon or even can be offered as a gift. For clarity: "Story/Quest Services" specifically means that you have made an agreement with a player, who wants you to complete Story or a Quest on their account(s), the intention of completing the quests and returning the account after. With that being said, there are a couple things to be aware of: To protect yourself and your accounts as either a buyer or seller, please tak
  15. Hi @bbbom I will lock this thread as I have already replied via DM. But again to repeat my message, please reply on the following thread with the Pokemon ID that you'd like to restore: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/65778-restore-pokemon-megathread/
  16. I have dug through as many images as I can for you - I wasn't able to find it, but bear with me a little if you don't mind. I will ask if Ferrari still has the original image so I can match it up for you. If Ferrari can source this, would you still happy to move forward as originally planned, or have you changed your mind entirely?
  17. Hi @Tetsuyama96 I worked on a list from Ferrari - can you select for me from the main page which Clefable is the one you had the agreement for, just to make sure there is no room for error!
  18. Below, is a list of people who are due to purchase these Pokemon. Over the coming days, I will try catch all of you in-game, or drop you a login notification. Please contact me on forums via DM or Report forum to let me know that you are still able to commit to these trades, I will force the trade once I have confirmation. Due to the nature of the way these sales were handled, if you are no longer in a position to commit to the trade, honouring the trade will not be enforced. @Glasnost Pancham - 400K @ArchfndWeavile Deino - 350K
  19. Hi @XDzin @Jorogumois correct. You can no longer change or add insta prices once an auction has started. I have noticed that you have since edited it to the correct amount of 10m, so thank you. Please read the Trade Rules and Auction Rules to make sure you are familiar with them as you continue this auction and for others in the future.
  20. Hey @Fjabio An update: Wal has taken a look, and he cannot find these RCs on either server, but I'd like to assure you that you sent these correctly. What this means, is that Metroid will need to get in touch himself for us to investigate this further, I'm happy to pick it up if he would like to tag me. I suggest that he does so through the Complaint subforum as it is private. I will lock this thread, as in terms of action you can take from here - there is none, really. You sent these just fine, so please have peace of mind that you did everything that you c
  21. Hi @p3ki Not to worry - please be more mindful in future as this is incredibly important when handling auctions as mentioned in the Trade Rules and Auction Rules - this rule is in place to help protect both you and potential buyers. In regards to Kocchi - as mentioned, I have sent them an in-game notification to contact either you or myself to claim the Pokemon. I will give them 24hrs to reply and check back. If in the meantime, you speak to Kocchi and you are not able to resolve this directly, or if you have any questions, please make a report (with screenshots of any
  22. Hi @Luohan Change of insta prices is no longer allowed. I have edited your original post to reflect the first insta price you have set. Please read the Trade Rules and Auction Rules carefully.
  23. Hi @Diego1206 Please do not bump your post unnecessarily - once every 24hrs is enough. Good luck with the auction!
  24. Sting100 - you have already been warned, with each bid you must upload the evidence to support it. Please also do not bump your post unnecessarily with time remaining. If you want to drop an update on remaining time with each bid, you're welcome to do this. Before taking any further action read the Auction Rules very carefully. If you ignore this second warning and continue to handle this auction poorly more severe action will be taken. Also remember, you received your first bid here at Friday 11th at 8:23AM GMT/UTC+0 meaning this auction ends in 1hr and 50 minutes from
  25. Hi @Fjabio This is correct, yes! I will still wait on Devs, so that they can confirm it is in his mailbox on Gold. Essentially what has happened is, that you sent the RCs on Silver, but your friend predominantly played on Gold at the time. Your friend transferred to Silver after you sent the RCs, which should mean that the mail transferred too - but I'm not 100% sure and I don't have visibility myself hence why I would like Devs to confirm before I ask your friend to spend time progressing on an account they currently don't use.
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