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  1. I have dug through as many images as I can for you - I wasn't able to find it, but bear with me a little if you don't mind. I will ask if Ferrari still has the original image so I can match it up for you. If Ferrari can source this, would you still happy to move forward as originally planned, or have you changed your mind entirely?
  2. Hi @Tetsuyama96 I worked on a list from Ferrari - can you select for me from the main page which Clefable is the one you had the agreement for, just to make sure there is no room for error!
  3. Below, is a list of people who are due to purchase these Pokemon. Over the coming days, I will try catch all of you in-game, or drop you a login notification. Please contact me on forums via DM or Report forum to let me know that you are still able to commit to these trades, I will force the trade once I have confirmation. Due to the nature of the way these sales were handled, if you are no longer in a position to commit to the trade, honouring the trade will not be enforced. @Glasnost Pancham - 400K @ArchfndWeavile Deino - 350K
  4. Hi @XDzin @Jorogumois correct. You can no longer change or add insta prices once an auction has started. I have noticed that you have since edited it to the correct amount of 10m, so thank you. Please read the Trade Rules and Auction Rules to make sure you are familiar with them as you continue this auction and for others in the future.
  5. Hey @Fjabio An update: Wal has taken a look, and he cannot find these RCs on either server, but I'd like to assure you that you sent these correctly. What this means, is that Metroid will need to get in touch himself for us to investigate this further, I'm happy to pick it up if he would like to tag me. I suggest that he does so through the Complaint subforum as it is private. I will lock this thread, as in terms of action you can take from here - there is none, really. You sent these just fine, so please have peace of mind that you did everything that you c
  6. Hi @p3ki Not to worry - please be more mindful in future as this is incredibly important when handling auctions as mentioned in the Trade Rules and Auction Rules - this rule is in place to help protect both you and potential buyers. In regards to Kocchi - as mentioned, I have sent them an in-game notification to contact either you or myself to claim the Pokemon. I will give them 24hrs to reply and check back. If in the meantime, you speak to Kocchi and you are not able to resolve this directly, or if you have any questions, please make a report (with screenshots of any
  7. Hi @Luohan Change of insta prices is no longer allowed. I have edited your original post to reflect the first insta price you have set. Please read the Trade Rules and Auction Rules carefully.
  8. Hi @Diego1206 Please do not bump your post unnecessarily - once every 24hrs is enough. Good luck with the auction!
  9. Sting100 - you have already been warned, with each bid you must upload the evidence to support it. Please also do not bump your post unnecessarily with time remaining. If you want to drop an update on remaining time with each bid, you're welcome to do this. Before taking any further action read the Auction Rules very carefully. If you ignore this second warning and continue to handle this auction poorly more severe action will be taken. Also remember, you received your first bid here at Friday 11th at 8:23AM GMT/UTC+0 meaning this auction ends in 1hr and 50 minutes from
  10. Hi @Fjabio This is correct, yes! I will still wait on Devs, so that they can confirm it is in his mailbox on Gold. Essentially what has happened is, that you sent the RCs on Silver, but your friend predominantly played on Gold at the time. Your friend transferred to Silver after you sent the RCs, which should mean that the mail transferred too - but I'm not 100% sure and I don't have visibility myself hence why I would like Devs to confirm before I ask your friend to spend time progressing on an account they currently don't use.
  11. Ehkoe

    New forum

    Hey @Agresivity You can disable forum sounds by visiting Notifications > Notification Settings > Scroll down to the bottom, look at the lower left hand corner and deselect "Play a sound when notifications are received." Here's a quick video guide too:
  12. Hi @p3kiand @FreddyCoop Do you have any evidence that you can upload to prove FreddyCoop was the rightful buyer at 5M? I cannot see any evidence a bid was made during the auction from this thread. Edit: I have spoken with FreddyCoop separately. He confirmed that the only bid from him was made once the auction was over (the one posted here). Since Kocchi is the official winner of this auction at 4.5M, I have sent them an ingame notification to contact you or myself, P3ki.
  13. Hi @Fjabio I have flagged this with Devs, who will check this more! I can confirm you sent it to the right person, but Metroid server changed since, which likely means that the RCs are on his account on Gold now. Devs will confirm that this is the case, and if so, it will be Metroid's responsibility to retrieve the RCs.
  14. Hi @Fjabio I will move your post to General Support as it's a more appropriate subforum for this topic. Can you tell me what date you send the RCs, who it was to and what date you sent them?
  15. Hi @ofnitty Can you answer a few questions for me please, so I can take a look into this for you? Which server was the trade on? Which Pokemon was it? Do you have a screenshot or ID? Can you tell me why you need to return it and what the agreement was when Gangstarr gave you the Pokemon?
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