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  1. Hi everyone, Due to the recent maintenance, this auction will be extended by 24 hours. The updated end time is Wednesday 10th April 2:35pm GMT+1.
  2. Hi everyone, Due to the recent maintenance, this auction will be extended by 24 hours. The updated end time is Wednesday 10th April 2:26pm GMT+1.
  3. Hi @Lordleo100, Due to the recent maintenance, this auction will be extended by 24 hours. The updated end time is Wednesday 10th April 11:45am GMT+0. I've updated your main post for you too.
  4. Hi everyone, Due to the recent maintenance, this auction will be extended by 24 hours. The updated end time is Wednesday 10th April 10:15am GMT+1. @Bubeo Please, when using a countdown in future, also include the original end point (24 hours from start bid in your case), so that this is visible to everyone after the countdown has ended.
  5. Hi there @Lyn1311 I have locked your auction as closed as requested, however I did notice that you did not include a clear end point: Please in future specify if this is 2 days from the date of your post, or 2 days from the first bid.
  6. Hi there @Darkmaster269 I have locked this thread as you have an existing identical thread here: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/235770-auction-3131-22-epic-jolly-gyarados/ As mentioned in the Trade Rules (I have highlighted the most relevant parts in yellow, but please read this in full): You had not marked your previous thread as closed. You also may not essentially use the Cross Server subforum to advertise a single-server auction. If you are making a cross server auction, you must be willing to transfer, unless agreed between you and the buyer. You cannot set this as a parameter before the auction has started. If you want to make a cross server auction, please mark your other thread as closed, however you must be willing to transfer should the buyer be from the other transfer and not be willing to discuss transferring.
  7. Hi there @Mingrenpro I have locked your thread, as there are some important details to cover first. Prices are indeed at your own discretion, so if you'd like to give Guildie rates, friend discounts or just generally open yourself up to negotiation, that's fine - however ensure that when you make these agreements, evidence of the agreed price is made and kept, so that it can be made available on Staff request should anything go wrong. However, you cannot offer prices based on nationality. This is discrimination, and may also open the door to topics branching into racism. This is not acceptable outside of PRO, and it is definitely not acceptable within PRO. To be clear, this is what I am referencing: You are welcome to create a new post, however you must adjust your pricing model and remove the discriminatory elements. Some optional advice, that I'd strongly recommend you follow, is where you have stated the above, to include details regarding the Game Rules, in particular the following: I would also suggest the inclusion of asking your buyers to change their password after you have logged in, to give them peace of mind in relation to their account's safety. This is at their discretion, so if they choose not to do so, that's their choice - however it is better to be safe than to sorry, and as a service provider you should encourage the same mindset.
  8. Hi there @Pentix22 I have removed your most recent bid on the auction, but I am unable to remove the earlier one for 1m200 as it was outbid by multiple bidders. Although I appreciate you letting us know - and thank you for this - please take more care in future, as this can unduly inflate an auction meaning someone ends up paying well over what they may have needed to and cause a lot of issues. I'll lock this thread as there's no further action or reply required from you. Please stay safe and take care.
  9. Hi there @Meluccio I can see you're a new player, so I wanted to clear this up for the future. This is a false bid, when you make your bid, you must have the money on your account at the time of making your bid, this is detailed further in the Trade & Auction Rules, which I recommend you read carefully before trading further, in particular the following: On this occasion, I'll let you off with this verbal warning - a warning will also be applied to your forum account. Be aware should this be repeated, disciplinary action will be taken against your account. - For clarification for others taking part in this auction, since Meluccio's bid has been outbid multiple times, the auction will continue as it is. Should any of you see this in the future, please make a report to alert Staff. ^^
  10. Hi there @Kanha777 The merge is broken down into two-halves, both parts will happen at the same time. The first half is a server merge, the second is the multi-account merge. The server merge will merge all user data across Blue, Red, Silver and Gold (formerly Yellow) into a singular server. The multi-account merge is a little more complicated. Currently, we define an "account" as a player profile with the ability to have one "character" per server, where you log in with your character name. Players may have 4 accounts currently, with potential for 8 characters. The multi-account merge will essentially reverse this, an "account" will be defined as a player profile with the ability to have multiple characters associated, where you log in with your e-mail address. When this is in place, players may have 1 account only, with more characters than you can possible have now (no cap set as of yet, that may change but will be announced if that's the case). In terms of how that comes into effect, the simplest way I can explain this is to go step by step: The first step, will be to merge all accounts associated with the same e-mail address. If your accounts are all associated with the same e-mail already, there's no action you need to take. If your accounts are currently all associated with different e-mail addresses, they will be treated as different accounts will need to be manually merged. The second step, will be to deal with characters where currently, both characters associated with the account have progress on Gold and Silver. For example, if my Yellow account has 100 hours on Silver, and 100 hours on Gold, both characters will qualify for the merge, so when the merge happens, I will be prompted to change my character names, as the name cannot exist twice on the new server. The third step, will be to deal with characters that are currently not merged, with more than 10 minutes playtime on Red or Blue. These will also qualify for the merge. These will be treated the same as the accounts in the second step, where more than one character is merged. The fourth step, will be to address characters that have less than 10 minutes playtime AND haven't been played in the last 6 months. These will be deleted. So let's say your account, TTlovesMom has 100 hours on Silver, but 5 minutes on Gold, the Gold one will be deleted, but you will keep the Silver one. My advice for you, and all players would be get ready sooner rather than later. If your accounts are associated with different e-mail addresses, change the e-mail on them to the same one - you can do this via the Dashboard. What we'll likely see happen is a lot of players leaving this until the last minute, or after the merge has happened, then running into issues with 2FA, and because of this response times will be much slower because Staff'll be dealing with that many more requests. In the near future, a sub-forum will be made to help funnel account change requests where players get stuck, but for now please use the 2FA / Email Recovery sub-forum. Likewise, if you have an account with less than 10 minutes progress, that you've not logged into in the last 6 months, and you want to keep it - log into it, or play on it until it surpasses 10 minutes. I hope this gives you some peace of mind. If you have any further questions please feel free to respond, I'm happy to explain more if needed.
  11. Hi there @Ibluayasaki The mail you sent has been deleted, and the items contained have been returned to you. You will find them in your inventory: 1x Valentine Ninetales-Alolan Mount 1x Xmas Dragonite Mount 1x Winter Hat Blu 1x Winter Clothes Blu If you'd still like to send them to your friend, please feel free to try again. If you have any issues, or would like to close this thread, please reply to us to let us know.
  12. Hi there @Chitti678 Your reply was a few hours ago, a fix has been uploaded since - can you let me know if this is still an issue?
  13. Hi there @Chitti678 What's the name of the account your are taking this action on? Can you also talk me through the exact steps you took in order and in as much detail as possible?
  14. Hi there @Blueciferr You can do this, do it being aware that these types (gambling, giveaways, lotteries etc) of trades are not supported in PRO, therefore should things go wrong in relation to the trades, Staff will not get involved - assuming it doesn't crossover with an existing rule in another way. Any and all actions you and any participants take is at their own risk. I would also urge you to take some precautions: Host it on the forum in General Game Talk, since this is not an exchange in the way that threads in the Trade Zone are. Screenshot all related in-game conversations, and post these within the thread. Make sure all rules are clear and available: I am happy to go over your draft and identify any loopholes or shortfalls. Make sure that involved players know and understand that their involvement is at their own risk.
  15. Hi @Rajkkapadia and @Keabu I have forced the trade. Please can you both reply when you have been online to check that you have received your money/Pokemon correctly?
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