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  1. I've shared my feedback with Keita on the changes separately - so I won't cover that, but I thought I would pitch in here to address some concerns I've seen some people post about, since I was the one to write the previous rules when Hawluchaa and I reworked them. The reason for inconsistency between the two is that they are two very different environments. Ingame, staff cannot see DMs, it's a very fast paced environment in comparison to forums, and there is a lack of evidence control (players have to make screenshots, and they don't always include timestamps - it also may not be immediately clear which timezone that player is from, especially to other players). In addition to this, the forum clock only shows HH:MM and ingame shows HH:MM:SS. To take your example of the rule about Instas, Min Raises and Accepted Payments - you cannot edit an ingame message like you can with a forum post, so if your auction begins immediately, the auctioneer will have immediately screwed themselves if they missed those details off, since they can't add them after. There's some other reasons too, but hopefully this is enough information to share with you why this would be this way. This rule exists because of the sheer amount of auctions that ended, where the winning bidder wasn't available to make the trade. In those situations a TMOD will attempt to force the trade - that being said a TMOD can't be expected to magically know that you had the money on an alt on another server and to go and remove that from your account without speaking to you. All that is asked is that you make sure the money is available, so if the trade does need to be forced, a TMOD is able to do so without delay (in addition to clearing you of potential false bidding, that's a whole other rabbit hole), and if it's not on that account, which account they need to look at. You stating the name of an alt account is also giving TMODs permission to take that money from another account too. In relation to your suggestion - do you really think it's fair to make an auctioneer wait an extra 24hrs because it was inconvenient to you to make sure you had the means to pay? If this is happening, you need to report it, otherwise staff won't be aware and there's not a lot they can do. In addition to this, staff won't announce each time they force a trade - it happens by default on the forum just because staff need to communicate to both players what's going on, but for ingame stuff it just won't happen, it'll all happen in the report center. This is why keeping evidence is really key, especially for ingame transactions/agreements - again, staff don't have access to PMs so they are hugely reliant on players coming forward with those cases. Actually it does. It's innately unfair to change any aspect of an auction after it has started. As a general rule of thumb, auctions cannot be changed in any form once started unless explicitly stated by a TMOD. Happy to write an entire wall on why this is if you feel you need to know more, but as a whole keeping a flat simple ruling that auctions cannot be changed after they start makes auctions much simpler to handle, both as staff and as a player. This topic was discussed at length and this is how General Trade Rule 1 came about. Realistically, trying to define community terms like "godly" "epic" etc is really difficult, who are staff to say what those things mean, let alone enforce based on them. Those are opinion-based words, and have nothing to do with anything quantifiable. What we put in place instead was a quantifiable system instead, there's no grey areas, no opinions - it either meets the criteria or it doesn't. In regards to advertisements like "best in server", these aren't permitted and those advertisements should be amended. That's straight up false advertising unless you have a recent screenshot from Walross saying it is legitimately the best in the server. In regards to your note on what Salem said, I responded to him above if you want to have a read. Also +1 on the trade rules ingame. I think there's a character limit that might make it difficult but if it's possible, all for this.
  2. Hi all! I have reviewed this auction, and the wrong outcome was reached. My sincere apologies to all involved. To be clear I have removed Manbat's post stating that this auction has been extended, as this auction had already finished with a valid bid from Bestintheworldx for 2M. This means that this auction has ended and no more bids can be made. @Bestintheworldx - would you still like to buy this Beedrill for the 2M you bid, and do you still have the means to do so? I can understand due to the outcome that you may have since made other purchasing commitments which may mean you're no longer in a position to honour your bid. Please reply at your earliest convenience to let me know. @alfatrion1980s We will wait on Bestintheworldx's response before taking any further action. The Beedrill has been placed back into your possession in the meantime. @SimBasaur Be aware that as a buyer you must make sure you are crystal clear about what you are buying and what you are buying it for. Your bids could be interpreted in multiple ways, and for this reason your bids were invalid. Please see Rule 1 of the Trade Rules. In addition to this, for future reference, bids cannot be withdrawn. They can be edited to correct errors such as forgetting the "m" of "2m", or to increase your bid if another bid was placed that was the same as/more than yours while you were typing, however be aware that they can never be edited to a lower amount. Please see Rule 2 of the Buyer Auction Rules.
  3. Hi all - a quick update: I spoke with @Tejasstar in-game regarding this situation. @Suz Tejasstar has since spent money since they were outbid, and no longer has the means to make good on their bid. This means that the Halloween Charizard auction is void, and you may begin again. Apologies all for the inconvenience - fingers crossed it runs more smoothly from here! If there's any issues, please report the thread to let one a Trade Moderator know.
  4. Hi @leegonzalez I have locked this thread to prevent any offers/bids as this is an invalid auction. The reason this auction is invalid is because you have essentially created an endless auction with no rules, which means it is innately unfair and allows you to take advantage to get the most money. This isn't allowed in any form. Take some time to read the Trade & Auction Rules before relisting your Pokemon for Auction. This is a formal verbal warning, failure to follow rules will result in action being taken against you.
  5. Hi @GoldenP1kachu Apologies for the inconvenience caused, Frylock's comment has been removed. @Frylock Please read the Forum Rules: In addition to this you should not be posting off-topic comments in other people's threads. Repeating this behaviour will result in more severe punishment being issued, do not do it again.
  6. Great, thankyou for replying to let me know! I know that this auction has been turbulent for all 3 of you and there have been disappointments for each of you at some point in time, but it's important that the correct outcome is reached. Again apologies to all for the inconvenience along the way. I'll lock this thread as the trade is complete. Stay safe and take care all.
  7. Hi all, This auction has been brought to my attention, my sincere apologies that there has been a misunderstanding here and the incorrect outcome was reached. As per the Auction Rules, a forum end-point ends the moment the clock ticks over into a new minute (because of the lack of ability to track seconds on the forum): In this case, the auction ended at 3:30PM GMT+0 (6:30PM Bulgarian Time - GMT+3). @smokincatcher My deepest apologies, your bid was placed at 3:30PM GMT+0 on the dot (for clarity, I am UK based - my timezone is GMT+1), and therefore was invalid. I have returned your money to you and removed the Pokemon from your account, I have dropped you a quick in-game notification to draw your attention here, if you log in before you check forums. @vangogsan Following on from what was mentioned above, this means that the money you gained from this auction was 5.5M not 6M. Your money has been changed to reflect this, again, an in-game notification has been sent to you also. @Eetaachee This means that you were the correct winner of this auction. 5.5M has been removed from your account, and the Pokemon has been forcibly traded to you. Please can you check your PC box and reply to let me know you have received this correctly. Again, an in-game notification has been sent to you. I understand that this is a disappointing and frustrating experience for you all, for this I can only apologise. I understand that some of you may want to express this, however this thread will not be the place - if you would like to discuss this more, please make a Complaint.
  8. Hi @Kyten75 & @BlitzkriegZ This auction has been forced as Kyten75 is currently unable to trade. Kyten75 - please can you check that 3M has been added to your Silver account correctly? BlitzkriegZ - you should find the Larvitar in the last spot of your PC, and 3M has been removed from your account. Please can you reply to let me know you have received it correctly?
  9. Hi @Kyten75 There are a few things to be aware of here: You announced this auction ingame at 16:05 GMT+0, at the time of the announcement, you did not specify a minimum raise or alternate Accepted Payments, and later added this. For this reason, I have removed the minimum raise and accepted payments from your post and Kyriakos1995's bid is invalid. The first valid bid received in this auction was xChase's bid of 1.8M at 4:18PM GMT+0 on Wednesday 18th. This will affect your end time, meaning that with the additional 24hour extension due to forum downtime, this auction ends at 4:18PM GMT+0 today (in just under an hour). This auction runs from first bid, as it is unclear the exact time you received the following bid from Kyriakos1995, we must use the time that you publicly acknowledged their bid. This was 16:11 GMT+0. This means that your starting point of 16:05 GMT+0 is also incorrect. Please ensure that when you are running an auction in-game that you enable Time Stamps. You can enable these by navigating to Options > General > and ticking "Chat Time Stamps". You must make sure that bid are properly acknowledged. Please reupload this image: Regarding the question about Cross-Server bidding. You can choose to make your auction a Cross-Server auction, here are the rules regarding this. Due to the poor handling of this auction and the issues it has caused, I have applied an in-game trade ban to your account. Ensure that you read the Trade & Auction rules carefully before trading again. If you feel that the action taken against you is unjust for any reason, you are welcome to appeal - you can do so here. As you will not be able to trade, I will check back on this auction once it is complete and force the trade to the rightful winner. @Mingrenpro To answer your question, please read the following rule and the point mentioned above to Kyten75.
  10. Hi @MaitrePoulpe This bid is not valid as you intentionally hid it using colour formatting. A forum warning has also been applied to your account as this is a form of trolling, and is not permitted. Do not repeat this again. @Ryuusenka I will lock this thread as no further action is required and Vermilionz was the last user with a valid bid.
  11. Hi @NinezaGG This auction is void. Please feel free to begin a new thread to start your auction again. @Jakecuerrier Be aware that you must have the means to honour your agreement both at the time of making your bid and until auction end:
  12. Hi @Subhammaster This trade has been reversed and corrected, as @Gothilga was the rightful winner of this auction with their bid: To explain, this auction ran for 2 days from first bid, which was received at 6:27AM your local time (00:57AM GMT+0). Mamaliebtmich's bid was received at 6:37AM your local time, 10 minutes after the auction had ended. Bids are counted from the time they are made and not when they are acknowledged/publicly announced. I'll lock this thread as this has already been resolved, an in-game trade ban has been applied to your account as this was not your first trade related infraction. If you'd like to make an appeal you can do so here.
  13. Hi @Frohike & @gianni345 I have forced this trade as per Gianni345's last message. Payment has been taken. Frohike - you will find the Porygon2 in the last spot of your PC. I'll lock this thread as sold, if there are any issues please flag the thread using the Report button.
  14. Hi all, The winner of this auction was @Frohike with the following bid: At the point of Williamcuong67's 28.5M bid being made, the auction had been over for 4 minutes. To settle any disputes, I have laid it out for everyone - please see below for more details: @gianni345 & @Frohike Please can you arrange to make this trade at your earliest convenience. If you cannot do so yourselves, let me know and I will force the trade for you.
  15. Hi all, This auction was indeed extended improperly. The first bid was received at 4:19PM (GMT+1) Friday: This lasted 42 hours, meaning it was due to end at 10:19AM (GMT+1). This was the same time this post was made, which caused some confusion: The final valid bid made was by @Bumblebeee, and therefore is the auction winner for the following amount: @Bumblebeee & @SKBaron Please can you arrange to make this trade at your earliest convenience. If you cannot do so yourselves, let me know and I will force the trade for you.
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