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auction epic beldum 30x4 jolly 23+

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@Huyofficiall You have been punished for continously overbumping your threads, you have been warned before, and you keep ingoring the warnings.


Using GMT+0:


Time: 48hrs after first Bid


Start: 16/11 4:33AM


End: 18/11 4:33AM


Winner: @Bagheerav 2.5m made at 18/11 4:37AM [15min rule applied after his bid made at 18/11 4:32AM of 1.9m Bid]


The winner of this auction was @Bagheerav with a 2.5m bid and @Shaktimaan 2.9m bid was made when the auction had ended. 


@Bagheerav 2.5m were remvoed and the pokemon added

@Shaktimaan 2.9m were added back and the pokemon remvoed

@Huyofficiall 400k were removed


@Huyofficiall You have been punished for poorly handling this auction.


I have fixed the auction, and enforced the correct outcome.


Kind Regards,


* Zoruami *

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Please do not contact staff members for private support.

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