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Heatran quest - did not recieve items

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Hi, I took awhile to finish the heatran quest but I never recieved my items back after completing it? I lost I think like 2 mb and idk how many candies. help plz? buck also hasn't spawned back in heatrans room.

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Hey, didn't recieve my items after the heatran quest. I took a break between quests and participated in a couple events, got some rare candies so not sure if going to the quest again after getting more rare candies deleted my old items that buck held. but buck didn't spawn back in either, or spawn in heatrans room. if someone could help I'd appreciate it. I think I lost at least 1-2 master ball, and a bunch of rare candies.

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Hi. Thank you for contacting us about your issue.


I have forwarded your request to an appropriate Staff Member. I kindly ask for your patience until the Staff Member is available to answer your query.


Good luck in your adventures!


- Kubrick

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