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Subway System Quest


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30723 well ive made this guide since i spent a lot of time looking for yorkie's brother to finish it


[glow=red]Quest start:[/glow]

Talk with the subway manager in saffron city at train station



Go to route 16 and talk with the npc in the house, he will ask you to find his brother



npc's brother can be in any of this 5 spots: route 21 on an island, victory road, saffron city pokemart, powerplant and digglet cave

he will ask u 50k



Talk with the npc in route 16 again, he will ask u a nocturnal feather (its a holding item that has pidgeotto in route 16 u can use a frisk pokemon to detect it)

after u get it, just give it to him



talk with the npc at train station again and u will be able to use the subway/train now :)



[glow=red]-u get hm fly (doesnt work outside battle)

-train region to region: cost 5k

-subway city to city (same region): cost 2.5k[/glow]


nah gonna skip this quest haha. btw thankyou for this!

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Trainer Valley has nothing: no quest, no house let u in, even no Poke center to save, especially when u are battling with wild pkm then suddenly server crashes, and after logging in u realize that ur character now is in the last PC in Kanto/Johto region.


U guys should consider before paying 15 just to come there and catch some not-rare pokemons.

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ty for guide




"I see now that the Circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who You are." - Mewtwo

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