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Subway System Quest


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Hey everyone! This guide is to help players unlock the Subway System, as it is PRO's alternative to quick travelling due to the fact that players are not allowed to use Fly outside of battle.

The subway system works for Kanto and Johto only; if you wish to unlock fast travelling for Hoenn and Sinnoh, do the Hoenn Teleport Quest.


There aren't any requirements to start the quest, however, you'll need to be Kanto Champion in order to use the subway and train.


Keep in mind that to fully complete the quest, you'll need $50,000 Pokedollars, a feather.png Nocturnal Feather, and a Bicycle.png Bicycle to access Route 16.






To start the quest, talk to the Subway Manager in Saffron City at the Saffron Railway Station. He'll tell you that the system is not working at the moment because their biggest sponsor, Yorkie, has issues with his farm and needs help on Route 16.






Upon learning that Yorkie needs help, head to Route 16 and talk to him. He'll ask you to find his brother to retrieve the parcel.





Although Yorkie has no idea where his brother is, he lets you know that he can only be in Kanto. There are five spots that Yorkie's brother can be at, and every player has a chance of Yorkie's brother being in one of these locations, so be sure to check them all!

Route 21 (Location)

Kanto Victory Road (Location)

Saffron City Pokemart (Location)

Power Plant (Location)

Diglett's Cave (Location)


After finding Yorkie's brother, he'll ask you for $50,000 Pokedollars in return for the parcel.





After that, head back to Route 16 to talk to Yorkie and give him the parcel back. He'll want to reward you but first, he'll ask you to retrieve a aTdTBUK.png Nocturnal Feather to prove how much you love Pidgeys!





To obtain a feather.png Nocturnal Feather, you can either buy it from other players in Trade Chat, or you can hunt it yourself by using a Pokemon that knows Covet or Thief and using one of those moves on Pidgeotto in Route 16 during the morning or night. More information about hunting them can be found in the Hunting Nocturnal Feather part of this guide.


After retrieving a feather.png Nocturnal Feather, talk to Yorkie again and give it to him! As a reward, you'll receive HM Fly, and the subway system will start working again.






After talking to the Subway Manager in Saffron Railway Station again, all the guards blocking access to the subway will leave, but keep in mind that you will need to be Kanto Champion in order to use them.





Well, that's it! Great job on completing the quest. You can now use the subway system! It'll be $2,500 for traveling within the same region, and $5,000 for traveling between Kanto and Johto.






The feather.png Nocturnal Feather is only dropped by Pidgeotto that inhabit Route 16. As of June 23rd, 2018, the drop rate for the Nocturnal Feather has been buffed to 25%. The following techniques can be used to facilitate the hunt for it.

Deploy a Pokémon with the Frisk ability; this will discern whether or not the wild Pidgeotto is actively holding a Nocturnal Feather, which can help you window down which Pidgeotto you should invest time battling at the prospect of the item.

Use item-looting moves, such as Covet and Thief, to loot the Nocturnal Feather from wild Pidgeotto (if actively holding it). Even if the Pokémon ultimately faints, the item will still be retrieved contingent that they were actively holding it.

If you wish to capture the Pidgeotto to loot the item instead, you can use non-fainting moves, such as False Swipe or Super Fang, to help maximize your chances of capturing the Pokémon without fainting it.



Leotosi, the original owner and creator of this thread.

Shary and Nebulas, for the Nocturnal Feather image.

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Thank for the guide!


Truthfully, this quest is nothing but a credit sink. Imo getting the bike alone is enough to travel around for now. Maybe when Hoenn comes around then we'll somewhat be forced to unlock the subway to travel from Hoenn to Kanto quickly.

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Well to all those who it matters, I have some good news for you. The gm's are currently re-doing the pokemon centers to have the train station pass through all of them. once you beat the gym of the corresponding city you can travel from one PC to another for a small fee. This is being implemented in replacement of the HM fly.

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