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Team Magma Recruiting


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You wanna be part of a guild? Well now is your chance! Team Magma is recruiting active and friendly players!




Team Magma strives first and foremost to provide a friendly environment for its members. We are relatively casual, with an emphasis on community rather than PvP. Our guild chat and Discord are also both very active, and we do our best to address any questions or concerns you might have.






In order to bring members closer we hold several different types of events including guild hunts, tournaments, and hide and seeks. We do our best to make the events fun for all who wish to participate and also provide worthwhile rewards.












On top of having an active guild chat we also have a Discord, though joining it is not mandatory! If for some reason you are not able to get help in guild chat, you are free to ask there. We often use voice chat, and even now and then have music sessions or play something together that isn't PRO.




1- BE ACTIVE! We take activity very seriously, be sure to tell when you will be inactive so that you won't get kicked!

2- Be nice and friendly! This should be obvious, but we aim for a nice community of friends so it is something we stress.

3- Have a good sense of humor but know when to be mature. We want everyone to have fun but you need to know when things are going too far.


If you would like to join, please apply through the thread by filling in the questions at the end of this post or if online in game, please send a pm to anyone listed below






MEBzerg, Invar, idkup, Maemae, Fairview, Char59, Ailis







Please answer the following mandatory questions when applying through the thread:


What is your in game name?


The following questions are optional to the application and are just for us to know a little bit more about you


How old are you?

How many gameplay hours and badges do you have?

Do you use discord?

What is your ingame hobby(farming, selling, pvp, collecting etc)?

Why would you like to be in team magma?



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