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Trade Evolution Megathread

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Question can you guys evolve a Magneton to a Magnezone if i bought a lvl 100 magneton ?

I apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately we can not. Pokemon that can evolves through specific area like Leafeon, Magnezone, Glaceon and Sylveon and Pokemon that can evolves via happiness do not work with the method we use to evolve level 100 pokemon.



no worries, glad i know now before buying


thanks !!

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In-game name: Mamatheturtie Server: Silver Pokemon ID : 50279719 Please, I need my lvl 100 Squirtle to be deleveled to 98. Thanks in advance!  Thank you again, Maisa! 🙂

Hello there, I have my Amaura stuck on level 100 by accident 😞 any help would be greatly appreciated    Account name - Rolliegoalie Server - Gold 10:41 PM GMT   T

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[mention]Nekrus[/mention], because the evolution is not coded, hence why it doesnt work. :p

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Name: PandaChristophe

Server: Blue

Problem: sneasel lv100 with item can´t evolve

Timezone: GMT +01:00

Available until: 20:00

Resolved ingame. Enjoy.

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I have spent around 7 hours ev training and training a happiny to become a blissey. I just stopped at lvl 48 to evolve it to chansey using my oval stone because it became a bit too difficult to train. After leveling it up with the oval stone equipped nothing happened. I am wondering if you would be able to help me evolve my happiny to chansey because I spent so much time and effort to get this, and I was not aware of the oval stone not being coded in. Thank you if you even considering this, but it would mean so much if you could help me evolve it. I play on the blue server.



sorry for my ignorance i did not realize it had to be done during the day... can you please delete this post.

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Hey !


Name: Varsity77

Server: Yellow

Problem: I want to trade evolving my electabuzz and my onix



Thank you :)


Solved ingame :Grin:



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