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  1. I am just pointing out some flaws with it and why it can't work regardless of how you feel about it.
  2. Unranked without incentives remains a dead queue. It was never active since its introduction and will remain that way. People thinking staff aka Eaty can just turn it into another queue without any issues are pretty funny. It's a logistical nightmare for Moderators to moderate (if it were to be turned into ranked/with a ladder/rewards tied to it). It would literally just double their work which already was annoying to do. On top of the fact that 1 ranked queue has dead times where you can face the same enemy multiple times in a row, I can't even imagine how that would work with
  3. As seller you can literally set almost everything for condition for your sale (within the Trade Rules of course). Why is this even a thread? Just make seller define what server the trade is going to happen on. Buyer/people bidding on the Pokemon instantly know where it is gonna happen and can decide for themselves if they wanna trade. Honestly, why even making a complicated thread like this where obviously the opinions are gonna be split. If anyone refuses to transfers after an auction, just Trade Ban according the the Punishment Policy. It ain't that hard chief. Just edit #2 in th
  4. God no, just someone sent me the spawn stuff, so I figured I would reply. I didn't log into my account in like 8 months. The idea is good if done successfully and in limits. Imagine the following; Silver Server has 3 Pokemon exclusive to that server, Gold Server has 3 Pokemon exclusive to that server. It gives the server more identity but doesn't really limit massively due to server transfers every 30 days. This doesn't really work with current spawns but could work with Gen7 spawns.
  5. The idea isn't even that bad, server transfers are free every month/every 30 days so majority of the counter arguments fall flat like "competitive integrity" or "unfair" advantages. How practical is the suggestion though, PROs current spawns don't allow for that kind of flexibility because either a) the spawns already exists somewhere else or b) there aren't enough interesting Pokemon for it so it doesn't have any identity. If the game every receives a complete spawn overhaul, this idea is probably something I would implement to give servers more meaning and making more use of serv
  6. Always gives me a good laugh thinking about this. Spawns are something that should always be decided by people who know what they are doing & aren't influenced by people with lack of understanding what everything entails. I did spawns back in 2017 already (https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/69218-spawn-revision-2017-and-repel-trick/), this was all me, going as far as writing changelogs for Red to copy paste & the sole reason why Repeltricks are even a supported feature. I was Spawn Editor (a role that was created pretty much for me at the time), so I can confidentiality sa
  7. Pokemon/Item being auctioned: Starting price: 7.5mil Start point: After first bid was made Ending point: 3 days after the first bid was made (72 hours) Insta price: 10mil Available payments: Pokedolars, CC (400k), Rerolls (360k Nature /720k IV), masteball (50k) Minimum raise: 100k
  8. Pokemon/Item being auctioned: Starting price: 7.5mil Start point: After first bid was made Ending point: 3 days after the first bid was made (72 hours) Insta price: 10mil Available payments: Pokedolars, CC (400k), Rerolls (360k Nature /720k IV) ,masteball (50k) Minimum raise: 100k
  9. As I said, irrelevant to the subject matter. e.g Rotom Spawn was on the Guild Island for a month while it wasn't a spawn elsewhere. This type of stuff is what I meant with "rich get richer", Rotoms are very sought after Pokemon in the end are worth a lot. What? The way you have done it might be true but workarounds aka what was discussed in staff channels would make this a non issue. They would have the same chance of hiding in a random Sinnoh house. The idea has some flaws but if you sit and discuss it properly with some form of compromise, it's possible. You can leave the To
  10. Alright starting off, let's not pretend making "Guild Islands" only available for Top3 PvP guilds was a good idea. It was not. It will never be a good idea for so many different reasons alone. The already "small" PvP community centralizes in only 3-4 guilds, making the rest absolutely pointless. The "rich get richer", the best players will be in the top #3 guilds and therefore get access to more content, allowing them to make more money/get more content etc. The original idea is somewhat possible with a little work and staffs maintaining it. Needs 1 Scripter, 1 Mapper and 1 staff who k
  11. Imma insta buy this. let me know when you can come online or add me on Discord Felix#5505
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