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  1. Actually decided to give a bit more insight as a reply. Reasons why this happens and leaves players not satisfied with the outcome of an event: Let's say a rare Pokemon has a 1% chance to spawn (about the rate that I would usually go with from back in the day), you have add the usual rates of 1/100 to 1/250 for form chances onto that. This obviously makes hunting rare form Pokemon just a RNG-fest. This was never different, this was the same way back in the day & will be the same now. The only things that changed were overall rates for Pokemon They used
  2. Oh boy, sk8tr. Aren't you an old player from back in the 2016-2017 era? Half the stuff I read in this thread is utter bs and just plain false. Take it from the person who did most of the changes in summer 2017 and in 2018 onwards till like 2020.
  3. I obviously don't play the game but reading the feedback makes certain things pretty obvious. "too frequent" changes don't give enough time for people hunting with BMS change to 72h hunting period (still relates to about 10 changes per month) spawn sets remain uninteresting, a broader variety would fit very well here random high tier spawns per set, e.g rain set; instead of whatever high tier spawn it has right now, it could have 5 different ones, so every time it switches to rain the high tier pokemon could be different Put the vote gu
  4. You can bump that as much as you want, this is never ever going to happen. Only people who are permanently banned are people who deserve it in the first place (speaking of bans due to rule breaking behavior and not for investigation/security reasons). What makes this thread funny is the fact that you probably lied in your appeal hence the rejection, 99% of people get a 2nd chance on a permanent ban if they are honest from the get go. You also only get permanently banned on very very severe cases, like botting, cheating & other stuff. No chance this will ever be a thing.
  5. More power to you, if you have the time to do 24 matches for, lets check, 8 PvP coins (rewards based on my suggestion), then sure lmfao. You aren't the target audience but could just solve this problem oh wait following PvP rules aka 2 accounts in PvP.
  6. Why does there have to be a ladder/ladder rewards in the first place? Go with the idea of rewards based on activeness, meaning "quest/task" based rewards. Could split them into "daily, weekly and monthly" tasks and/or streaks. Daily Play 3 random battles (Reward: 1 PvP coin + 5 Ultra Balls) Win 1 random battle (Reward: 2 whatever the things are called that fully heal you, the green things) Gain 50 cumulative rating (Reward: 2 PvP coins) Weekly Play 15 random battles Win 7 random battles Gain 200 cumulative rating Monthly
  7. Having only 25 "good" players that hog the top spots on both servers speaks for itself. I really never cared if people got 2 or even 3 accounts into the Top25 back in the day or if people like Pispi get 1 account on both servers onto Top25. Each their own, if the PvP communities on the servers are that small that 1 player can hold 2 spots then it is really on them. The "problem" isn't them, if you want a ladder spot, get good. If you want a competitive environment you want the best players to get the Top25 spots, regardless of how many spots they filled before. There are other prob
  8. All changes I did you can find here: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/97479-spawn-changelog-current-06302019/ Anything else that was changed and isn't noted anywhere, you can thank Spawn Editors that came after me for that.
  9. Didn't make any sense a year ago, doesn't make sense now. Ladder rewards are generous enough for their time commitment, they used to be flat 500 coins when I reached ladder in 2017, where the economy was hyper inflated by bots and got increased at some point for some reason. There is not enough uniqueness behind the ladder rewards though. Screw that but I can with 100% certainty say that you can blame the PvP players for that. I believe Eaty doesn't want them on the tournaments on Showdown either, any staff with a decent chunk of braincells doesn't want them on
  10. PreHax


    Devs should fix these bad servers, I pay good money for my cosmetics, the least they can do is keep the game up. Sad.
  11. I am just pointing out some flaws with it and why it can't work regardless of how you feel about it.
  12. Unranked without incentives remains a dead queue. It was never active since its introduction and will remain that way. People thinking staff aka Eaty can just turn it into another queue without any issues are pretty funny. It's a logistical nightmare for Moderators to moderate (if it were to be turned into ranked/with a ladder/rewards tied to it). It would literally just double their work which already was annoying to do. On top of the fact that 1 ranked queue has dead times where you can face the same enemy multiple times in a row, I can't even imagine how that would work with
  13. As seller you can literally set almost everything for condition for your sale (within the Trade Rules of course). Why is this even a thread? Just make seller define what server the trade is going to happen on. Buyer/people bidding on the Pokemon instantly know where it is gonna happen and can decide for themselves if they wanna trade. Honestly, why even making a complicated thread like this where obviously the opinions are gonna be split. If anyone refuses to transfers after an auction, just Trade Ban according the the Punishment Policy. It ain't that hard chief. Just edit #2 in th
  14. God no, just someone sent me the spawn stuff, so I figured I would reply. I didn't log into my account in like 8 months. The idea is good if done successfully and in limits. Imagine the following; Silver Server has 3 Pokemon exclusive to that server, Gold Server has 3 Pokemon exclusive to that server. It gives the server more identity but doesn't really limit massively due to server transfers every 30 days. This doesn't really work with current spawns but could work with Gen7 spawns.
  15. The idea isn't even that bad, server transfers are free every month/every 30 days so majority of the counter arguments fall flat like "competitive integrity" or "unfair" advantages. How practical is the suggestion though, PROs current spawns don't allow for that kind of flexibility because either a) the spawns already exists somewhere else or b) there aren't enough interesting Pokemon for it so it doesn't have any identity. If the game every receives a complete spawn overhaul, this idea is probably something I would implement to give servers more meaning and making more use of serv
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