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Growing Ghosts; Drawing Event

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• Drawing Event •






In the drawing event you will be able to show your skills as an artist (or your best effort).


∙ In this part of the event you will draw your favorite ghost-type pokemon. You can draw them in any scenario, background, or event.

∙ Keep it PG, and apply PRO rules to the drawing event. It can be creative, humorous, technical, or however you let your imagination control it. Don't be shy!


∙ In order to place your entry you must scan, take a picture, or what way is easiest and most accesible for you to post the picture to the General Arts Showcase, under this topic.


Your submission will post in a comment under this topic! Off topic comments will be deleted. Be sure to include your IGN and server below as well.





• Prizes •



1st Place

1x 100c

1x Halloween Box


2nd Place

1x 30 day MS

1x Halloween Box


3rd Place

25% Exp Boost

1x Halloween Box



• F.A.Q •



When does this event start?

The event starts the 6th of October



When does this event end?

The event ends officially on October 31st.



Can I use multiple accounts?

No, one account per entry. 1 account means 1 IP address.



How will I know if I won ?

You'll be contacted by a staff member on forum through private message, and your name will be displayed on this topic at the end of the event.



When can I claim my reward ?

Each winner will be personally contacted by a staff member and rewarded according to the position.




<COLOR color="#FF8000">Keep the lights on everyone. I wish you the best of luck!



711.gif Sprite_6_x_094_s.png356.gif [/fade]




Rules|General Support|Bug Resolution|Game Guides|Suggestions


Do not contact staff members for private support.

Share the question on the forums due to being of use to others.

Unsolicited messages will be banished to the Distortion World for Giratina to ingest.

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