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Sinnoh Underground


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Hey and welcome to the Sinnoh Underground guide!


The Sinnoh Underground was introduced very recently and I decided to make a guide about it! This guide will contain tips and tricks, items you need for the daily quests, rewards, hints and so further.


General Information


The Sinnoh Underground is located in Eterna City, the house next to the Pokémon Center. Once you enter the house you will need to talk to Explorer Stanley. He will ask you if you want to enter the Underground for a fee of 2.000 Pokédollars. After talking to him you will be teleported to a room with four different ladders and you will be given one drill, that you can use only once.




This is the main room where you have to catch Pokémon that you need to get hints. There is also a Pokémon remover that can remove one of the caught Pokémon, without leaving the map. In the four different caves there are two NPCs each, who randomly give one of three different types of hints. You either need to give them an item, battle them or catch a Pokémon for them.


Each room also has four holes, and you need the drill to unlock one of the holes. You only have one try, so you need the hints to limit the amount of possible holes.


What do you need?



A high-level False Swipe Pokémon is advised. A Pokémon with the move Flash is also advised. You will also need at least one Pokémon that is able to defeat the trainers, as they have Pokémon around level 70. You can also take a Synchronize Pokémon with you, if you want to revive one of your fossils in the Treasure Room. You HAVE to have at least one slot in your party free of any Pokémon before you enter the map.


Here is a list of things you might need for the hints:




Leppa Berries

Star Dust

Tiny Mushroom

A battle against a NPC




Here is a list of all Pokémon that you might need to catch:



















Different Hints




Tier 1





This hint does not help with the location of the Treasure Room.




Tier 2








Those hints help with the location of the Treasure Room (Point of View = Main Room)


North > Top two rooms

South > Bottom two rooms

East > Right two rooms

West > Left two rooms


You need at least two of the location hints to get to know the room with the Treasure Room; Example: North-Western room = Top Left room (Point of View = Main Room)




Tier 3








Those hints help with the location of the Treasure Room in the four rooms itself.


It looks like entry hazards are up and on the field. > The hole with a lot of obstacles next to it.




The hole should look similar to this.



What would humanity be without its humans? > The hole with a human next to it.

(Holes next to Todd, Miguel, Albert, Elias)




The hole should look similar to this.



Climb up or climb down? > The hole next to the ladder.




The hole should look similar to this.



What would humanity be without its inventions? > The hole next to the excavator.




The hole should look similar to this.












1 - 3 PvE Coins

3 - 6 Tiny Mushrooms/3 - 4 Pearls

Sail Fossil/Helix Fossil/Claw Fossil/Dome Fossil/Old Amber/Jaw Fossil


Additional Tips


If you only get hints for the location of the room and not the holes (Tier 2 hints), you have a chance of 25% to find the Treasure Room. If you find any of the Tier 3 hints, you have to find the correct location of the hole and therefor have a chance of 100% to find the Treasure Room.

I want to thank Nanoluck for helping me out with this guide. Also thanks to PurpleMauth for his help with screenshots for this guide. Nanoluck and I had to research a lot for this guide and I tried to present it as well as I could. If you have any questions regarding this guide, please let me know. Also please let me know if you find anything that is not already listed in that guide.

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Hi Dakivid, congratulations for your guide.

I also tried to make one and I found your same results but also that NPC gives you the Tier 3 clues only with certain pokemons.

Here, https://www.pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/96417-url/?do=findComment&comment=551877 in the first message, you can find the list NPC-Pokemon... feel free to test it and to update it in your guide if you think it's correct (because your guide it's much better than mine :) )

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