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What are you listening to?

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I tried to look for a topic similiar to this but found nothing, so here goes!


The idea of this thread is very simple; Post a youtube link of the current song you are listening to. Click the embed icon ( next to the soundcloud logo) and paste the url there. Easy! :)


There is 1 rule i would like everyone who posts here to follow: To avoid Postcount hoarding, 1 user can make 2 posts/page. If you want to share more than 2 songs per page you can do so by editing your previous post on that page.Its a simple rule that harms no-one please follow it. Thank you! :) (If mods disagree with this rule, that is fine, rule will be removed)


:Sing:[glow=red]Lets share our favourite tunes and hopefully discover new songs we end up liking[/glow] :Sing:


I'll start





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