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  1. Wts summer event snivy Starting bid 2m Minimum raise 500k Instant buy 10m Auction ends August 27. 10pm CST (auction will take place both in-game and on forum)
  2. I accidentally released my staraptor lvl 90 I Fill up the following information: [u]ID Screenshot: Server:[/u] What do I need to do after my post? You only need to wait, a Staff member will edit your post once the Pokemon is successfully restored, sending you a forum Alert. What if I don't have any screenshot, or if I don't remember any accurate informations about the Pokemon? In this case unfortunately, we can't do anything for you. We need it to be able to find and restore your Pokemon. I accidentally released my Pokemon three mon
  3. Why not make us spawn inside instead of spawning all the way back to victory road. What's the trouble?
  4. Is it possible to create the e4 poke center to act like a poke center, losing from the e4 and walking our way back through the victory road is exhausting... In my case it's the sinnoh e4
  5. Can this be fixed? Like make the pokemon league count as a pokemon center so it can be used for trading?
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