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  1. chack your wifi speed bro delete the old client and restart the new one
  2. buy a transit pass bro from train stations i forgot the passes cost but they have the cheap ones too and it also covers ships and subways so
  3. lol and am using CS2 and heres a pikachu after visiting india lol
  4. we already have excavation and doctor quest i migth like a quest about collecting apricorn's and start making custom pokeballs and need certain level of craftsman to craft the pokeball the quest should start with finding that damn kurt somewhere in ilex forrest or the at end's world LOL to unlock the quest we need beat thor XD that would be good requirement or johto champion + johto dex completed and a key item too APRICORN BOX we had it in heart-gold lets start with Black Apricorn that can be turned into Heavy Ball they can found in Johto: Routes 31, 33, 37, and 43, BCC random re
  5. :P i create this vidoes for my friends on facebook and i do take requests some times
  6. the and the game patcher shows up but the problem is when ever i turn on pro client its always goes to downloading patch after fully being patched i played the game last night but still sometimes it crashes while the patcher is on plus avg and avast thinks pro client is a virus so i uninstalled it got a new anti virus but still why am i the only one who is getting to many patch updates -_-
  7. 50k is nothing for me now tell me how to pay ya for one .____.
  8. well i created this videos for my friends on facebook but few of them wanted to download it so i had to uploaded it on youtube LOL
  9. ill like more poke stops please lol
  10. ._. same thing happened when i was at level island i had level up the poke by killing wild pokes did ya give that a try but its level 98 now so it will take ages
  11. your going for wash lol have ya tried level up him or not
  12. looks like it melted your hearts
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