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  1. If my last pokemon faints along with the boss's last pokemon (for example life orb damage, destiny bond etc.) i'll win or lose?
  2. I caught a bronzor of level 53, his evolution level is 33 but mine is too high. How can I evolve him????
  3. Why ther is a haundoom on the roof of seafoam island???????
  4. @Eaty Hey, I got a mail from you! Can you tell me what is it about?
  5. Buenos días, anteriormente habia planteado este problema en discordia pro (moderadores) y me dijeron que vinoera aca. Lanzo con estd problema aproximadamente 2 meses, no y puedo loguear desde mi dispositivo (tableta samsung). Cuando instalo y inicio en el icono, aparece la imagen del magikard y el volcán (todo bien hasta ahí, luego queda en negro toda la pantalla y solo si escucha la música del fondo, la parte de donde se coloca el nick y la clave. Quisiera resolver esto. #Nota e borrado todas mis aplicaciones incluyen el juego, e instalado nuevamente, y sigue igual.
  6. Greetings Is kami trio added to nikola's respawn list? In other words, if one misses a chance at one of the kami trio, can he recatch it by beating nikola?
  7. I'm sorry if this is an overstated or over heard issue but any news from the Lending System? When it will be up and if there's any way to do Lending Currently.
  8. Dear PRO Team, I have been playing since a lot of time and at the time, where PRO reformed in the past i lost my friendlist so i guess its deleted. A friend, which i've been playing with wants to play again with me. He doesnt know his username anymore. Is there a way that i get the names of my old friends? This would help me a lot! Im hoping for recent feedback. thank you :) J3riS1nGR
  9. I have a problem, after the servers were closed yesterday, it has not allowed me to get into the silver server, only the gold one and sometimes it is not when I want, I want to know if it is a problem of the servers that may be failing a little , or if the problem only I have and if so please tell me how to restore it and if it is not and it is a server problem tell me how long it can last. : /
  10. Hello staff, PRO Lagging and freezing after update. Even I can't play it because it is lagging too much and it freezed also afyer 2-3 minutes. And New D-Pad also is a problem for andriod. Most of players can't move properly coz of it. Please solve that problems. Video Evidence https://youtu.be/iyjkNEykozw
  11. My name ign is CristinaRo14 and I wanted to switch my password because I forgot it. But, when I put my name there it said "The usename you entered does not exist". Please help me somehow! I made this account to be able to post the thread.
  12. Hi, i am an old player in this game. The app is working in my phone lately, maybe its been 1 year already since i played this game. I missed to play this game, actually pokemon is the most favorite game of my life. But earlier i downloaded the apk in my android phone. Then when the downloading is finished, i installed it immediately. But when i start to open it, the game is completely black screen, it is completely black screen, i waited for such an hour but it is never loading. But the app is working in my android phone since the last update but why isn't working right now? please help me.
  13. Good evening Staff. This time I had a problem, I really don't know why. . . You see, I want to start playing in Silver but I get "Incorrect password" even putting the correct one, I'm currently a Gold server player. Regarding my case, I have no idea of the origin of my problem. I would like a solution. Thank you.
  14. I cannot change my email linked to my account cuz I cant log into my current email. it was hacked some time ago and they want me to pay a premium to talk to someone on the phone for support and I WILL NOT DO IT
  15. hey how to remove fps in game ? i am user phone
  16. This is a question. Can someone tell me the updated List of items from any diggable spot because the info from https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/32073-url and https://prowiki.info/index.php?title=Diggable_Patches Are outdated. For an example: I find star dust(or Piece) in diglets' cave while it doesnt show me in both link and people in help chat say i need to ask forum so i ask you devs/admins/anyone with valid knowledge about the current items. please tell me and update the old forum thread
  17. I was asked to merge my account, so I did it. Unfortunately I cannot connect to the silver account but only to the gold account that has almost no progression in it. How can I fix that please? Thanks so much!
  18. Hey guys, I am having problem as playing this game due to too much small figures and all other things. I am playing on Android, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Hope you will understand, And unable to attach files as it saying too large etc etc...
  19. Hi i just failed the darkrai quest by saying "Yes" to the warning message into the dark realm , i wasn't paying attention and was spamming click so i don't have access to the castle anymore , i thought it was the only problem i had but no , i apprently lost a lot of items including all my tm's ,(only hm's are remaining) all my rare candies( i had hundreds of them if i remember right , i never sell it) , and maybe other items but i don't know. I hope we will receive some compensation for this bug , im not the only one in this situation apparently , i just returned into the game recently and
  20. Good afternoon, Recently, I have contemplated the idea of purging a few of my accounts due to their overall inactivity. All 3 of these accounts were created when I had just gotten into PRO, about a month or two ago, as I was deciding on an IGN I should use but ultimately was unable to come to terms with one specific account until I created the account 'Dracos.' The accounts, for the majority, have less than 30 minutes of progress on average with 2 accounts still within the starting town, and 1 at the 2nd gym. Since the accounts serve for no purpose and include no true progression between th
  21. I was reading one thread posted by Red here in the forum about new region Astrella, Unova region and more! That post is from April of this year, so i'm asking, how the things are going? Is there any news about that at the moment? Almost 6 months have passed without new news, at least that i know xD Waiting for new amazing content ^.^
  22. Hello I tried to login to my account but it wont accept my password (but it's the correct) And when I try to change the password I don't get send an email (but it's the fckn correct)(dry for swearing) Thx for help
  23. Hi everyone, I'm experiencing this problem in my Xiaomi mi 9, i can't install the package of your apk, i tried downloading using my Samsung S9+ i successfully instaled it but when i tried using my Mi 9 the APK cannot be installed, maybe there are problem on the final release? or the API level is not compatible? I hope some staff can help me, thanks.
  24. when I checked the GPU it was 100% I couldnt even walk Idk how and why my game is really laggy and the screen keep freezing up last week it was not like this
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