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  1. NAME CHANGE Username: ErzaJScarlet New Username: Sc4rletWitch Server to charge the money from: Gold
  2. I agree with Kboww. Alomo hunt is torture with fishing. Even with BMS the chance to get something decent with h.a. is very low. Please add a non-fishing spawn for Alomomola. Thanks.
  3. Hello My rotom is not evolving at route 120 hoenn. I have tried evolving while levelling by killing wild pokemon in route 120 as well as using rare candy. both methods have failed and the rotom is now lvl 98. Please help me.
  4. Why can i see only a dark field while diving underwater? hv tried diffferent dive spots, with different diving pokemon. someone help! url=https://postimg.org/image/71fzaoeyi3/][/url]
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