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  1. Do it, come back, and let me know your thoughts!
  2. I don't think it should be easy, not at all. It should be in line with the other quests, as in similar requirements and results. However the way things are presented should be as polished as possible, as entartaining as possible and available to the most suited target. But there are differences in between hard and frustrating, or hard and boring. Furthermore as i said this is my point of view and the thread goal is not to humiliate who made the quest, or the players who like it, but just to give my rather useless 2% and allow other players who have similar or different opinion to come and express it freely to enhance progress in the game. The base of progress is discussion and with no discussion there is no feedback.
  3. Hi, I wanna start by saying this is nowhere near a kid's rant or an annoying bored player's hobby. I don't wanna see anyone taking the chance to insult staff or players here. This thread is made to give feedback to the team and give the space to players ideas regarding the Kanto Birds event Quest. As a beginning point, Sinnoh requirement for Kanto legendary birds feels off. I see the point, but it limits the amount of players that are gonna be able to get them, despite being a "surprise event". The map itself is really nice, the mapper team made a good job on it, but the spawns are flat boring,common, and low tier (and as for what i've seen just water spawns); The quest itself is quite bad, to me at least. There is only one real hint ,a TrollDaddy line and its mon. The rest of the quest has basically to be achieved on your own, by errata corrige. The fact you need to get to Fire island with a "Cloud nine" mon, but nothing tells you it's not needed after the first run. The fact once you get there, you have to come back again to fetch a fire team, without specification if just a fire team or some fire mons. The fact all the battles are Superbosses and so you can't also use items, you can't rely on stats since all the mons are lvl 100 with more than full evs, so ye guess speed tiers. The fact all the dialogues are pretty much flat and there is no "easter egg", no hint, no joke or clue. Once you achieve Fire orb, you need to, once more, find out on your own what to do and where to go, fair enough. You are sent out of nowhere in a map to fight another Superboss, this time much harder than the first one aswell. And after that the two legendary birds, without chance of recovery. The only nice thing, luckily, is that there are no cooldowns. After that directing yourself to Ice island, once more on your own intuition, to get to think that you need "Shadow tag" to be able to catch the Articuno (since the tip this time is quite vague). All this to gather the 3 orbs , receive a 2 line dialogue from the NPC and then discover you cannot even catch the legends because you don't have evos, the gems , both, or have to catch also a mon to present to the npc. For all the reasons above I believe this is content wise the worst event, or the least polished one, that we had in PRO in a long time if not ever. What bothers me the most is that with a little more effort the event could have been much better. There was no real dead end aswell since it's a "Surprise event" so I don't see why spawns couldn't be revised in a couple more days, and some dialogues changed a bit and made more realistic or alive. Surely some player can agree to an extent on what I'm saying; we have been waiting birds for a long time and this is not the way I was expecting to receive them. Also there is no info about them being available after the event, so if someone could also clarify that (they did on Discord apparently) on the light of those who lost shaymin without knowing it wouldn't be present anymore after the event differently from, for example, Manaphy. Once more this isn't a kid's rant. All I wanted to suggest was to regard the points above and possibly: Make clearer tips, or vague aswell, just some tips; Better dialogue lines, since the ones here are really fast written (or they appear that to me); Decent or newer spawns, so that people are gonna be willing to put time in the map; Less back and forth action, because walking over and over in the same 3 maps is not fun for anyone; Final requirements indications, or stop by requirements right at the beginning, because otherwise those are wasted precious minutes to those who don't nearly have the requirements. I hope this will help you understanding if something is really wrong or if I'm just stupid (tough one indeed) Best regards to the community, Nos
  4. Let it be as it is. This is an accessory area, to come here you need to complete a quest, level up mons,pay money for every access. The reason why people goes to pinkan are the spawns, wich you already harshly nerfd, and the level of the mons. If you think people should be able to run more, add somewhere there a smokeball. The only purpose for pinkan rn are levels. Really few people care abou pinks.
  5. Hey appreciated the guide. Would like to deline a couple of things. The team you present isnt indeed a hyper offense team. An hyper offense - or HO team - is a team who relies purely on offensive power. It usually runs around setup and wallbreaking mons. Your teams is a balance/offensive team with main win condition Lucario or DD Dragonite. You have some focal point of HO into weavile Dnite and i can see the point for Rotom wash role. But nontheless it doesnt resemble a real Ho. I also endorse the idea here above. Using easy mons doesn't necessarily mean you will win more or more easily. And specifically togekiss is not a meta mon, rather so a Luck relying mon. Especially if choice locked. I think it's rather early for you to make a guide, maybe an handbook would be better. Like a diary of YOUR pvp experience. Best of lucks and the team isn't that bad altho you can think of better for sure. Have a nice one Nos
  6. Hey fellows, This week we got only 1 successfull recruit, we slowly recover from the merge issues, we are starting today the new guild hunt/event. Hope you will join us soon aswell, Drop us a message for anything, have a good one! Nos
  7. If the people in this thread didnt, please the link for the discord is in the info and so are my tag and Siegs,come by and apply there, This week we had 2 recruits 1 joined us successfully, we are approching a new event with the end of the Easter one, A poll is still availaible too choose which kind of event, probably as its winning, another guild hunt. I wish you all a nice day and a prolific week. Nos
  8. Weekly update : We got 6 new recruits from this post, 4 succesfully joined, we are at a total of 62 members. Thanks for using this post. Tomorrow the weekly event ends, the 2nd we will start Easter hunt, which will last 2 weeks. Thanks again and I wish all of you a great weekend. Nos
  9. ______________ Unity ______________ Unity is back recruiting Who are we? Unity was born in 2016 from a group of friends from Red server. Our founder and former leader Solo took some of our friends from the old IRC chat and decided to found a guild with the goal of helping people to enjoy their experience. We lasted longer then expected and traversed awesome and bad moments. But we achieved what we fought for. We are a group of friends resembling a family (mostly playing only on red but some of us not). We care more about feelings than number, a place where everyone counts as much as the others and everyone is needed. We are Unity, you are Unity. What goals we have? We want our players to enjoy the game as much as they can, we want them to feel at home, and we hope to see every member grow and eventually discover new things together, new games,new passions and much more. We also love the game in toto so we are ready to compete at any level if our members want so. We have been in the top guilds in Red before and we can make it happen again with your help! We want to see the game growing better and better and to improve its community as much as we can; we have always had a reputation of an helpful guild and we don't wanna disappoint our fans! What benefits you will have? We devote our own passion to the members and that's why I try to satisfy personally anyone's needs. Furthermore you will be offered : -Ingame exp boost guaranteed -Free dex serice -Personal ev train and daycare service -Personal discord provided with links and bots -Personal forum on forumcommunity.net -Pvp and Daycare training service -Bank and loans system and much much more... What requirements we have? We ask our applicants to : -be 18 (or close to that at least) -have an acceptable english knowledge -join our discord server - have 100 ingame hours (or close) - have Kanto region cleared (or more) -be respectful towards the staff and the game -do a brief interview with one of the officers Last but not least we accept candidations through discord or ingame. I will keep an eye here but most likely you will be answered faster in the discord server itself or through pms. Our officers are: Nostazz (leader) - Salt#3000 Unknown008 (leader) Clivious (leader) Saitaiea (leader) Gortesk(lead) Pharaomage(lead) Warqazm (lead) Sieg (lead) - Sieg#3301 Undyingfury(lead) Armonite(officer) Dukediewalker(officer) Psycopt(officer) Kasiskaz(officer) Come join us here on discord : Unity discord Bye Bye pokefriends
  10. Dei I hope we'll get to see around some platform in the future, I really thank you for being a patient staff member and an amazing person and player. Thank you from me and I guess a lot of other people, we all owe you a lot, even if people may not understand it. Again thank you and good luck with your new life and may your feature be bright and happy, Cheers Nos
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