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  1. What's your IGN? ChinuOP How many hours do you have in PRO? I have 1200+ hrs on pro Do you have discord? (Let us know your name and # so we can contact you.) Akku#6310 How far are you in story? Completed How active are you in PRO? (How often do you play? like 1-2 hr per day Are you a PvP or PvE player? Or do you enjoy both? yes i enjoy both Why do you want to join Calamity guild? My friend is also in calamity and he told me that there are so many friendly players.
  2. Welcome to Ascendants Guild (Gold Server) Guild Ambition : Our Goal is to become the longest lasting guild on PRO Ascendants is New Guild on Gold Server, Founded by Atorius -- We focus on Player's Battle Strategy and Hunting Strategy -- We teach them about these things and help them to grow up -- We provide Daycare Service, Dex Service and Story/PvP Pokemons to New Players -- -- We also host Events and Tournaments once in a Month (for discord members too) -- --REQUIREMENTS-- IF YOU WANT TO BE A MEMBER 1) You must be able to use Discord 2) Be able to speak english for formal Communication 3) Active in Game 4) 100+ in Game Hours and Winner of at least 2 Regions IF YOU WANT TO BE A OFFICER 1) You must be able to use Discord 2) Be able to speak English for formal Communication 3) Active in Game + Discord 4) 700+ in Game Hours and Winner of all Regions 5) Good PvP Player and Hunter 1) What is Your Favourite Pokemon Do you like PvP? If Yes then why? Why do you want to Join Ascendants? Where are you from and What is Your age? Screenshot of Your Trainer ID Card : Your Discord Tag : -- DEX SERVICE -- KANTO DEX : COMPLETED JHOTO DEX : COMPLETED HOENN DEX : COMPLETED SINNOH DEX : ON GOING -- STORY/PVP POKEMONS -- KANTO PVP/STORY POKEMONS : AVAILABLE JHOTO PVP/STORY POKEMONS : AVAILABLE HOENN PVP/STORY POKEMONS : AVAILABLE SINNOH PVP/STORY POKEMONS : AVAILABLE -- STAFF -- [spoiler=Staff] [spoiler=Staff] [spoiler=Staff] [spoiler=Staff]Guild Leader : Atorius Admin/Leader : Ryann3770 Discord Leader : Kimap Officer : Koffing -- DISCORD -- [spoiler=Discord Link] Dream it. Wish it. Do it.
  3. Our Guild is Full right Now You can join our guild discord We will inform you there when guild recruit members https://discord.gg/Mcxvkj Have a Good Day!!
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