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  1. I hope this is a good and simple request. I would love for Zelda's clothing In shop and so would some of my friends ^-^ and thank you guys for everything! and have a good day! that's all ^-^
  2. I somewhat agree with you, but wouldnt that be a problem for every game community? the ones who barely play and the ones who loyally come back to join a community and game they love. If anything i think people who arent able to play in the event would be more disapointed in not having enough time to play rather than just simply logging in to get 5k or and rc. The only way i can see this being an advantage to some players is if this gets implemented and a player monthly/bi-monthly rewards end up being a shiny pokemon everytime. Instead of giving players an advatage i think it gives new player better footing to keep up with the vets, to be motivated to login and a join their friends. So wouldnt events be giving people an advatege too? Because no matter what you do the ones that cant play over the week their schedule or priorities wont change but i bet a daily reward would incite them to just at least check-in. This is supposed to be for players who plays consistently and to keep them playing. No one can do anything for players who barely plays or is going to stop.....or is there?!
  3. Hello, this is my first time making a suggestion to any game directly; i really hope you guys like a few of my ideas ive made so far i didnt think too hard on it as though you guys will no what and could work quicker than i would. And last thing before i sound like a needy baby; if you guys arent aware of yugioh duel links yet i suggest you guys give it a look as to most of my ideas derived from it. Ok first! 1.) Daily logins. - Diggable and sellable items 1-3x of the random generated reward. - Pokedollars 5-10k. - 1 Ultraball or 1 Greatball. 2.) Weekly logins. - Low chance of random cosmetic. - Pokedollars 10-15k - Rare candy 3.) Monthly logins (selectable reward). - (Selection of 1) Mini ms, bms, or exp boost. - Cosmetic/mount/ and possibly a low tier or medium pokemon reward for sync or shiny chance. (Maybe for a pokemon reward it could be 2 months for a chance to sync or shiny). - 1 Masterball or 5 Rare candies. - 1 Re-Roll ticket. - Name color change ( since im brain dead now lol) Just to clear any confusion up the daily rewards should be randomly generated to user for 1 of the given rewards; though items should vary in quantity something like 1-3 of an item but shouldnt recieve any other listed rewards such as 5-10k pokedollars and same goes for weekly rewards, as for monthly i think players should have the option to select 1 of the given rewards (as you guys see fit). And maybe switch it up every month?. I truly believe this would bring players to the game on a more consistent bases. I believe day to day player and veterans should be given some appreciation aside from the daily rewards. Something such as a changable badge by their name or maybe even a color change (with colors unlocked by certain achievements). Just look at twitch people love the gift boxes and bit badges. And i think a donation badge would be awesome. I know some people dont usually abide to the community rules and guidlines and might abuse some implements but i also believe there are more people who would appreciation these changes and try to keep them implemented. I hope you guys consider this idea or it sparks one and Maybe for a name color change you have to be 3-4 years play time; and well i didnt mean to rant! This might not be my last suggestion!! Thank you for reading!
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