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  1. Ban ditto please. 3 stacks of dragon dance plus mega but ditto copied it and attack first than my poke. You guys banned graninja protien but ditto not? Please make it balance. Jesus.
  2. I message you on discord. Hoping for your response.
  3. Hello, I am at alucard castle doing darkrai quest but I'm stuck. I have the future sight / miracle eye pokemon but still the invisible ghost wont attack me. It just say "I feel a slight chill. Why am I talking to the air?". Can anyone help me? Any help would be appreciated. thank you in advance.
  4. Hello, Im really frustrated right now and I don't know where should I start. I am doing heatran quest and the first time I failed using Kyurem lvl 60. And on my second attemp it was successful because I already defeated all trainers and currently leveling my way up to lvl 90s by defeating wild pokemons. I have lvl 81 gyarados. Suddenly the game crashed and it teleported me to the recent pokemon center I visited. Im really feeling lost because it is really diffucult to start all over again. Any help?
  5. Ill buy Kingdra Modest/SS 31 Spd 31/26 720k. Ingame name: omegagaming19
  6. Ill buy charizard 2m Discord: OmegaGaming19#0153
  7. +1 the new repel trick update is really bad. Now i have to start all over again since my lvl100 syncs are now unusable. For now, i would suggest if possible that we return to the old repel trick system. I hope you guys reach out to these suggestions.
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