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  1. It's fine. But if we take that as a reference, it means that if stall players carry Mega sableye on their teams, they do so because there are more stall players than is believed, that can affect them. I have personally seen stall or semi stall teams with Mega Sableye, and some other unaware. Just to cite one example.
  2. With all due respect, do you think that with the ban announcement of Mega Metagross, Mawile, and Greninja, all stall players will recognize that they use them? It is public knowledge that Mega Sableye will also be banned, but the stall player will prefer to have one of his pokemon banned as long as he does not have three counters that threaten him.
  3. Very well said. With the prohibition of mega metagross and mega sableye I will not disagree, since they are one step higher, especially sableye, which forces you to have a fairy on your team to be able to face it. Otherwise, he endures everything else, and has various immunities, adding to his ability. Mawile to a lesser extent, you can understand, although I am still against his prohibition. But greninja? I did not have a sufficient reason, in my opinion. And if we add the following case, a few days ago they made a post about the prohibition of mega mawile, in which there were many in disagreement. I think that the opinion of the users who were against it was rejected, since they were the majority, and they only took into account the opinion of some, who were in favor. +1 for this post. Have a nice day.
  4. Are you aware of what you just said? With all the respect it deserves, and without the intention of offending with pride, if you play alone with alomomola in front of mawile, it is more than obvious it would destroy you. What I mean is that there are ways to slow it down, or annoy it. Even ferrothorn can be worn down with leech seeds + iron barbs. Do not take as a 100% reference the case of alomomola. And I repeat, letting a mega mawile use sword dance is already a matter of his ability to read the game, or how the game develops. And please don't try to use irony on me. I address you with respect. If I'm wrong, excuse me, it just looked like this. Also, do not say that I am suggesting "click scald" as something that guarantees a win. I only mention a few ways to annoy that pokemon. Only that. I will not say anything more about it. Have a nice day.
  5. -1 Considering that many players are stall, I think skarmory and alomomola can handle it well. About what you say about skarmory with counter: so they take it. If it's not counter, it's whirlwind or roar. And skarmory is one of the pokes that you see the most in the game, or at least the one that I usually find the most. Alomomola has access to soak + toxic, or scald. There are ways to stop it. Then it depends on your ability not to let Mega Mawile use sword dance. And if you tell me that Mawile forces you to use those movements, I will comment that, just to mention one case, Mega Sableye forces you to bring a fairy type in your team, otherwise, it is difficult to stop his stall. So, considering how the metagame is, I don't think I have been outraged to use Alomomola and Skarmory, but the opposite, since many of those I have come across use them. That's my opinion. You have a good day.
  6. who offered that? evidence? the publication before you edited it said 1m start. so until I provide evidence, my offer is that.
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