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  1. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  2. Hey there @Barze97! Thanks for your report! After some testing I can confirm something seems weird between Serene Grace and the moves you have mentioned. I have forwarded this to our Dev Team so that it can be addressed sometime in the near future. Please continue to report any issues you notice in game. It helps us get them fixed quickly and efficiently! Regards, Gouda
  3. Welcome to the game! Hope you enjoy your time here.
  4. Hey @Pinkbanana Marina has finally gotten off the phone with her boyfriend. She is able to reroll your legendary Pokemon again! Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Have a great day!
  5. I remember when you first joined Discord. Time flies! You have undoubtedly shaped PRO and what it is today. I wish you nothing but the best and hope that you can come back one day to hang out again. Take care.
  6. Hey @Saud, I checked with the team and the hold rate for Tiny Mushroom on Paras is quite low - 70 encounters is unlucky, but not impossible. I went to check Mt. Moon for myself and did in fact verify that Paras holds the item: The low encounter rate on money items like Tiny Mushroom is intended to prevent abuse or major shifts in the games economy. I hope this has helped clarify the situation for you! If you need anything else just let me know. Gouda
  7. Hey there, Can you specify what route you are looking for Paras on? Some of the spawns don't hold Tiny Mushroom. Likewise, if your pokemon are holding an item, using Thief or Covet won't work. Looking forward to your reply! Gouda
  8. Welcome back! Enjoy your time here.
  9. Hey there, After checking some of the calculations of the scenarios that you posted, I did some research and unfortunately couldn't verify the two situations you posted about. (Do keep in mind that these ev values are actually LOWER than what bosses actually have and therefore your attacks will actually be doing less than what is posted here) The first being Haxorus vs Meganium: +6 252+ Atk Mold Breaker Haxorus Dragon Claw vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Meganium: 435-513 (119.5 - 140.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO Now, this stat may suggest that your Haxorus could knock Meganium out in one shot, however Elm's Meganium also knows Reflect. If you are unaware, Reflect raises the defense of the user's team which then changes the calculation to this: +6 252+ Atk Mold Breaker Haxorus Dragon Claw vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Meganium through Reflect: 217-256 (59.6 - 70.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery This reading seems closer to what you have suggested happened. Since you stack Dragon Dance 6 times it seems likely that Reflect could have been used by Elm. The next scenario you posted is calculated below: +6 252+ Atk Mold Breaker Haxorus Slash vs. 252 HP / 252 Def Togekiss: 289-340 (77.2 - 90.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery Even if Reflect wasn't up, there is no way that Slash will ever deal enough damage to defeat the Togekiss in one attack (unless of course it lands a critical hit). If you could record evidence of this happening then I would be happy to look into it for you. Specifically, if you could record what pokemon you are using, ones that the opponent are using, as well as the moves that they are using during battle. Hope this has been helpful! If you have any other questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask. All the best, Gouda
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