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  1. What's your in-game name? - Ash1024 ● How old are you? 22 ● Are you active in Discord? yes , NotEnteii#5684 ● Where are you from? India ● What's your total playtime? more than 200, don't know the exact ● What's your goal in PRO? to become a successful pvper ● What do you enjoy while playing the game? I always alll the features because other games never had that ● Why do you want to be part of the guild? I want a community to play with me and i need some help in pvp how to start pvp ● What's your favorite Pokemon and why? my favorite is mega Charizard x because i love it's textures and colours included
  2. No I mean that any player can select their friends colour like that in chat
  3. I think you should add a picker so that anyone can decide their friends colour in their acc
  4. PRICES Bracelet quest - 300k Legendary quest - 300k Transport ( subway & teleport) 200k Ign - Ash1024 discord Id - Enteii#4939 Note - I will complete in just two to three days legendary quest they can change their password after done Payment methods Pokedollars Coin Capsule - 400k Reroll ticket - 700k nature reroll - 400k Rare Candy- 8k How to apply Ign (of your main account) - discord Id -
  5. Sorry by mistake posted two together
  6. Thanks for ur reply I tried a VPN connection and it worked sorry for my silly mistake
  7. It says loading maps for 10mins then says connection lost what do i do
  8. s.o - 250k Insta - 700k Min bid - 100k Will end after 24 hours after the first bid
  9. I m doing Hunting service contact me for price Contact here or on discord or in game Ign - Ash1024 Discord - Enteii#4939
  10. BUMP - open again
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