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  1. hello so i am trying to log in on the test server and this message encounters despite the fact the my password is correct i even tried logging in with the normal client and it works
  2. Hello, can i play with one account in gold and silver. Looking forward to your reply
  3. Kyurem-black has a limited movepool. Thats why kyurem white is banned and kyurem black is not. Kyurem black is missing a ice physical move. In gen 8 tho kyurem black got banned fron ou and was raised to ubers because kyurem black was able to learn a ice physical move which destroyed ou.
  4. They must add them as event pokemon to be honest. I love them!
  5. See, in my opinion the game needs some short of refresh and by that i mean a rework on the sprites of certain pokemon. If you guys could make some pokemon be more detailed or more ''new'' it would really make the game more appealing. As an example kyurem-black. I would like kyurem black to be like the one i am sharing with you. Also what would be really cool is it if we have animations like the kyurem black one it would make the game even more enchanting. what do you think?
  6. hey nice vid but i want to add something. You can use misdreavus with perish song protect memento you use first perish song then protect then memento and choose the pokemon you want to level up you are welcome!!
  7. hey so my help appeal was not aproved so my bisharp wasnt really meant to be traded in my alt which doesnt have all the regions i did it on accident sorry if im wasting ur time i would apreciate if it could be moved from my alt to my main king regards whitorabbit
  8. hey i have 2 pokemon on my alt but i want them on my main but they are locked can i have them moved pleased main whitorabbit alt: WhitoThePappito
  9. im sure it was a Gourgeist but i t doesnt have an ability like that it has pickup frisk and insomnia
  10. hello so i encountered this glitch while doing my bosses i use this mimikyu as a dbonded and when i changed my [in battle] pokemon it didnt have disguise
  11. Our bimo still cares for us hope I could gib him a kiss
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