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  1. Started https://countingdownto.com/?c=3257803 Good luck!
  2. S.o 300k Min raise 100k Insta 2M Auction ends 48hours after start
  3. It doenst need to be like this, the repel would only be consumed after the current one is over, this way if you set 10 repels, it will consume just one at a time but you wont need to hit the "Yes" button for the next 10 times. Imo they should just get rid of the button and create an option to consume one after another automatically. I don't think that players should be affected with overwhelming mechanics due to the possibility of exploiters getting advantage with it, instead there should be another method to recognize and ban those bastards.. Thats just how i see it tho.
  4. Yamask S.o 400k Min raise 50k Insta 1.4M Auction ends 48hours after start ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Croagunk S.o 250k Min rase 100k Insta 1.2M Auction ends 48hours after start ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heracross S.o 100k Min raise 50k Insta 700k Auction ends 24hours after start
  5. IGN: Malvadao Timezone: (GMT-3) Pokemon Species: (Pidgey) Starting Level: 42 Finishing Level: 95 EVS Wanted (If applicable): none Preferred Moves wanted on Pokemon from level up: none
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