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  1. Zroade


    Ok. Thanks for letting me know Have a nice day
  2. How to delete Pro accounts as I need to delete my 2 accounts from Pro
  3. If yu listin here then i suppose you need to give roles while creating team two ghost types doesn't really fit together as well you only have 1 attacker and 1 sp.attacker and the rest of the team is wall your team (expect hippodown and garchomp) can easily be taken down by a alolen muk! As I see you can take gastrodon insted jellicent and or rotom wash. Next hippodown and garchomp since you already have clef and skarmory you might replace hippodown with any sweeper and if you are making a mega garchomp team then replace clef or skarmory instead of hippodown to a sweeper since mega garchomp h
  4. Silver server Ign-Zroade Request for de-leveling
  5. Hey there I would like to buy the electrode in trained section
  6. Hello there I would like to buy the impish h.a gible the one on top with price tag 100k
  7. Guys i never said to be able to change attacks while holding choice item it is good and competitive asit is. I ment that if you use earthquake on magneton but the player switchs to Charizard and you then use hydro pump completely unaware of the fact that your pokemon was holding a choice item and then the system automatically says that choice items only allow the uses of one move and then it attacks with previously used move on its own which should not happen it should let player decide weather the player wants to stay in and use the same move and attack or switch to other pokemon and attack.
  8. Most of the times during pvp battle we forget that our pokemon is holding choice item and we chose a different move which result in system automatically using the previously used moved and thats why we loose an important part of team! So why not make it like when using a move with pp is fully used then the system says no pp use different move so we either use a different move or switch to other pokemon. It is my suggestion hope to be approved.
  9. ° I want to join Eternity because...I have been 2 or 3 gulids before but no use because no one there used to talk on chat and Mostly the guild was dead I am here because I read that this guild treats everyone like family and even there are events in discord so yeah it will be interesting enough for me to join the guild. ° Real name - Priyanshu Rai In-game name - Zroade °My country - India The languages I speak - Hindi and English °Discord name; Zroade Tag; 9431 Though I am active on discord but less because I mostly play it on Android so.. °My goal is simple
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