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  1. wtb epic sneasel 100k one ty.
  2. Ok ty . But do you remember which time I transferred
  3. I cant transfer to gold from silver. it has been 1 month correctly 30 days since I have been in silver I wanted to go back to gold but I cant it is telling I dont have 100 coins. This same day 1 month back I transferred to silver from gold . plz help me and respond fast.
  4. Hi I can't transfer to gold server from silver server just on this date one month back I went to silver from gold but now I can't go plz help me
  5. +1 it takes to long to lvl up pokes . It pains a lot really.
  6. The same thing happened to me but I did not want to report the person who did that to me cause it was a deal accepted by me.
  7. hmm But master ball can never break free right
  8. hi Even I want My discord name Benvir#6944
  9. WTB decent alolan grimer with any hp but should have below 20spd
  10. Hi sup mate I want to buy the H.A vulpix alolan.
  11. HLO my dear bro U cant get any shiny starters for 1m they cost 15m+
  12. I can finish kanto story by tommorow Can I take 5-6 days for the full regions to get completed My discord name Benvir#6944
  13. ok when do U want the story to get completed
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