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  1. Blue Motorbike. Pink Motorbike, Pirate Hat, Pirate Clothes.
  2. what did that person say in that chat ( sry I cant understand in what language he spoke )
  3. best rain team pokes are (Pellipper rain starter - mega swampert rain sweeper) best sun team pokes are (torkoal sun starter - chlorophyll venusaur sun sweeper) best sand team pokes are (tyranitar sand starter - excadrill sand sweeper) hope this helps you to build a good pvp team gl.
  4. wts hallo venusaur h.a hp- ice S.O 1.8m / Min bid 100k / insta 3m / auction ends in 24hrs.
  5. Bump changed my price now I take 9k per boss
  6. @Donuts02 this is a cross server trade you should come to which ever server the bidder wants you cant only do it silver you have to transferr to any server for free . the bidder should not transfer only you should transfer for free.
  7. WTB decent rotom-wash 300k budget or a rotom lvl 95+ which can become a rotom wash budget only 300k
  8. if there is any problem start it for 300k cause starting for 400k might go against trade rules
  9. ok but just make sure that staffs dont have any problem
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