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  1. @VinierGF Please re-upload an image of the Gardevior with its actual ability. A full screenshot of the Pokémon would make it more clear to potential buyers as well, keep in mind to always be clear about what you are selling. Sincerely Hawluchaa.
  2. Ill try to go over most points and try to explain them where possible, In the previous Q&A Eaty announced it will most likely not happen to get an auction house done. When this happens simply report the player, if you feel like your Pokémon will start/sell for the price you list it its your choice to do so. This will probably not as easy as it sounds, mainly because most people wouldnt want to stay in 1 spot to offer on a Pokémon. The biggest issue with prices are that a Pokémon or item will be worth what someone is willing to pay for it. There is no set price as there simply cant be one. In most MMO's items will fluctuate, they either rise or drop depending on released content, players, supply and demand, etc etc, this is one of the reasons staff cant and wont reply to price checks. It would be impossible to know if its correct. I could make a whole story around it but it all comes down to the simple fact that every Pokémon is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, if a player comments on it in Dms in a bad way all you can do is report it. Its not really something we can prevent completly. Sincerely Hawluchaa
  3. Next time please use the report function first as we will see that much faster than individual tags, as for the bid it will be void since the player is unable to trade due to his own mistakes. The auction will continue with the previous B.o. His comments have been removed. Your current offer is 9M by @Kesser actually because the 9.5m is a fake offer. The player has been punished accordingly. @JadeAshas for you please remember to only bump your thread once every 24 hours. Please keep this in mind. Sincerely Hawluchaa.
  4. @Ictyfe Please read the rules for your future auctions. You can not accept offer from discord as we have no way to verify if they are real. Keep this in mind for your next auction. Sincerely Hawluchaa.
  5. Hello @SiegDragun Unfortunaly the Pokémon has been sold already, 2 days before your comment on this thread. @NatsuLP1 In the future make sure to let us know that your auction is not active anymore. If this happens again there might be actions we have to take. Please remember this for the future. Have a nice day, Sincerely Hawluchaa.
  6. To the involving parties, the last valid offer was 3.6m from OtCCaveMan, 400k has been removed from your account @Kitretsu05 and refunded to you @OtCCaveMan. The proper actions have been taken. Apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused. Have a nice day, Sincerely Hawluchaa
  7. As seller you need to be clear about what you are selling. If a Pokémon commonly needs a Hidden Ability make sure to be clear about the Pokémon in question not being H.a. @MrUnknown In the future you must check for yourself as well, read first, offer after. Due to the thread not being clear about the Pokémon in question it will be locked. You can create a new auction with the proper info to promote your sale @King1234 @tejkkapadia123 In the future please stick to reporting a thread instead of commenting on it, this will only lead to more unnecessary replies. Have a nice day, Sincerely Hawluchaa
  8. Due to the multiple mistakes during this auction the thread will be locked and void. @Azura273663 Please read the trade rules before you create a new auction. Due to you creating the auction ingame with an insta, posting it on the forums with insta, removing it, adding a higher again there is no fair solution to the players who made a bid as they have not seen or know the insta. Make sure to make your next thread following the rules, feel free to send me a message if you have any doubts or want feedback, repeating this in the future will lead to a punishment. Apologies to the involved parties, there is no fair way to continue this auction as of now. Have a nice day, Sincerely Hawluchaa
  9. Due to the massive amount of mistakes during your auction you will be punished for this @Lul. Next time you create an auction read the rules before you post one. You have created a huge mess, leading on several players. Since you have traded the Pokémon to someone already and spend the money i am unable to fairly reverse the trade. You have been punished for this. Apologies to the involving parties as i can not reverse this auction. Have a nice day, Sincerely Hawluchaa
  10. @HitoriSakuya Due to multiple mistakes during your auction this thread will be locked and voided. Please read the trade rules before you create an auction. - You can not accept discord offers for your auctions as there is no way to verify the actual bidder - You can not add an insta when started - You can only bump your thread once every 24 hours. - No duration of your auction Go over the rules, read them and create a new thread once you have understood the rules. Have a nice day Sincerely Hawluchaa.
  11. The off-topic and troll comments have been removed. Only post constructive feedback about the suggestion or dont post at all. Have a nice day, Sincerely Hawluchaa.
  12. To the concerning parties, the auction was indeed ended early, due to the auctioneer spending the money already i am not able to fairly reverse the trade. The auctioneer has been punished for his behaviour. Unfortunatly there is nothing more we can do. @Kesser @Cyanirl Next time make sure to report the thread instead of tagging individual staff members, this will make it faster for us to see as tags will be easily missed. Have a nice day, Sincerely Hawluchaa
  13. Since this thread had to be replied to 3 times so far and since it did not start yet i will lock this thread. Please read the trade rules before you create an auction. Read them and create a new thread following the rules when you did, this will give you a fresh start without the several interuptions. Have a nice day, Sincerely Hawluchaa.
  14. Good luck with your auction, for more questions you can create a thread in the general complaint area since this thread is not the place to do that. Everything will be answered there. Have a nice day, Sincerely Hawluchaa
  15. First of all stay respectful, especially when you are wrong. I would like to suggest you read the rules instead. You can not add or change an insta when your auction has been started. Doesnt matter if you add "not yet" to it, you can only add one before it starts. This will be an official warning, failing to read the rules and breaking them again will result in a punishment. Your insta has been removed and the auction will continue without it. Sincerely Hawluchaa
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