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  1. Stuff you can lock this topic
  2. the bo. is closes becouse of i dididnt want to sell anymore. my lucky number is 3-7-8 btw
  3. Let's make this clear, I just replied because of the comment written by the bash user, it may be right from the people who wrote so far. I will not write before the end of time whether they know it correctly, I just replied specifically to the Bash user.
  4. Well ask him again becouse its wrong ehehe
  5. Hello, dear participants, since I think that this much participation is enough, I think it's time to anounce. I really thank you for participating! I would be very happy if I could create a little excitement for you dear pokemon lovers, here are the results. According to these results, the winner is Username123456 I will contact the winner and if I can't reach them within a month, I can organize other events! I wish you all a enjoyeble day! And more then much cloths And more Example of some pvp mons : My master balls my shiny colections my rerol tickets my pvp pokemons all things i want to donate. If none win i will make another pokemons id wich i will tell gl for everyone.
  6. hi i need some dex service pls when you come online pm me. Ign: Trainertunci
  7. Hi guys sory to anser your questions later, if i dont remember wrong its hp grass your right Dame201 Thats why i use with synthist moveset if you need any more informotion i puting my discord link happy biding Pikapii#8279
  8. Hi guys wellcome to visit my trade section first of all. Due to the change my pvp team i decided to sell this venusaur. Current Offer: 2.5m Min bid: 500k Insta: 10m I acept iv rerol at : 750k Coin Capsule at : 350k 3 days start.
  9. Sory but this bo is olrady end. Thankyou for offer.
  10. S.O by Prehaxx :1m Min Raise : 100k. Insta : None Duration : 1 days Accepted payments : Reroll Tickets: 780k each (unlimited). fixed Pokedollars. ofc eheh Coin capsule: 380k fixed Akatsuki Robe:750k (I am gona accept only one)
  11. S.O : 850k Min Raise : 100k. Insta : 3m. Duration : 2 days after the first bid. Accepted payments : Reroll Tickets: 750k each (unlimited). Pokedollars. ofc eheh Coin capsule: 400k C.O : *** Happy bidding ϞϞ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)∩
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