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  1. Username: Sia Server: Silver Timezone: GMT+5:30
  2. Co 5m5, auction end in 4hour 25minutes
  3. Added pink zangoose in event section,event nidoking and Hp ice max spd pika
  4. Hello everyone, I'm opening lending service shop for pvpable shiny and event pokèmon. There are some rules you have to follow:- 1. 50k a day, for a maximum of 1 week, 2. As lending is disabled, a verbal contract will be made in game, 3. It is YOUR responsibility to return the pokèmon on time. To contact me, find me on discord Hinata#0083 or contact Virgo#3646 Please Note :- Pokemon moveset are hidden as you will be using them in pvp , you can change moveset if want. Enjoy! On lend - Shiny section - - Event poke section - More pokes will be added soon! If you have any suggestion or questions related to this shop feel free to message me in discord Hinata#0083
  5. auction end @Mourad win, contact me in game or discord when available. Hinata#0083
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