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  1. Gliger started by @Virgneel - 24 hrs left Dratini 700k by @Elipotpot - 24hrs left
  2. Gliger auction Start: 500k Duration: 24hrs after start Minimum raise: 100k Accept cc (400k), rerolls (750k) Dratini auction Start: 600k Duration: 24hrs after start Minimun raise: 100k Accept reroll,cc Good luck ^0^
  3. Hello I released my pink gardevoir today by mistake ;-; Please restore it I have card of gardevoir Hope it's the place to post all about this. Have a nice day!
  4. Pm me in game or discord whenever you're online.
  5. Welcome to my shop Ign: Hinatahyugaa Discord: Hinata#9478 ~Please read carefully~ 1. Fake offers reported 2. Price are negotiable,if you are buying more then 2 pokemons. 3. Discount to the trainers who are in my friend list 4. Payment options: Pokedollars,Coin capsules(370k),Reroll(700k) and nature reroll(350k) I will update my shop frequently,enjoy! Trained and untrained pokes ~Hydrigons~ ~Serperior~ ~Volcaronas~ ~Machop~ ~Charmander and Charizard~ ~Venusaurs and Bulbasaurs~ ~Heracross~ ~Gyarados~ More pokemons will be available soon
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