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  1. Hello @Luohanyou have won the auction, please pm me in game whenever you're online ty.
  2. Start : 5m Min raise : 1m Insta : 10m Duration : 12 hours Payment : pokedollars only
  3. Hello im selling pvp event pokes and some shinys Price are fixed but you can make your offers. Payment option : Pokedollars Only Contact info : Hinata#1719 / In game : Hinatahyugaa : Virgneel#3646 / In game : Virgneel Halloween pokes Tyranitar(sold) Garchomp(sold) Venusaur (sold) Gengar(sold) Togekiss (sold) Easter pokes Togekiss (Sold) Chansey (Sold) Xmas pokes Chandelure(sold) Azumarill lopunny (sold) Valentine pokes Alomomola ----Star Wars---- Bisharp (Sold) Clone Venusaur (Sold) ~~Shiny pokemons~~ Clefable (sold) Machamp(sold) Mimikyu Eevee Paancham,bunery Volcarona Roserade More pokes will be addad soon, ty for visiting!
  4. @J450NWon the auction, please pm me in game or on discord whenever you're available Hinata#1719
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