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  1. Looking at this sprite. I think dithering would not be that neccessary for the mask. Considering the inspiration of the mask the texture gotta look slick and smooth, which dithering would usually end up making look rough. Other than that I'd suggest leaving the side of the right eye darker and instead put the dark blue highlight where the brow is. As the light source comes from top left.
  2. Helllo there etto900, A shame you don't like the new follower designs that much. Could you elaborate on why you dislike them?
  3. What ìs the role of an Artist? Pokemon Revolution Online Artists are in charge of the graphic aspect of the game. This is done through the use of pixel-art to create to things like outfits, mounts, special event Pokémon forms, environment tiles, etc. Requirements At least 50 hours of in-game playtime. 18 years or older Be able to speak English at an understandable level. (Mandatory) Understanding Pixelart at a decent level. (Mandatory) Portfolio containing Pixel Art Work. (Mandatory) What if I've never done pixelart be
  4. Greetings Outrage! Hope you will enjoy your time in the community.
  5. Greetings Xarmadon ~ Hope you'll have a great time in our community.
  6. Pixel Art is just something you can do in many kinds of art programs. It doesn't require much. The three I suggested in my tutorial are ones I personally used. I have no experience with other art programs regarding Pixel Art.
  7. Added +40 Pixelart Tutorials by Pedro Medeiros The artist for Celeste, Towerfall, and Skytorn.
  8. A nice addition. Thanks for your contribution c: Love the work you're showing here there is a lot of attention to detail and the shading is properly placed for the light sources you have intended. At most I can say for the first sprite, the arms seem to be lacking elbows giving them a bit of rubber hose vibe. Other than that it's all good.
  9. Not bad at all c: Need some shading work for the back sprite, but otherwise it looks pretty good ~
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