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  1. Price Naive Bulbasaur hp fire?
  2. Selling this God! Current Offer: 6M by @BingeDrinker Insta: 10M Minimum Bid: 250K Duration: Ends Monday 1st of August 01.27 GMT +2 Acceptable Payments: Pokedollars only! Contact Information: IGN: GoldenP1kachu Discord: GoldenP1kachu#1874 Good Luck Everyone
  3. I can go lowest 6M but sorry I won't go lower than that
  4. WTS any Prestige Mount 18.5m ! Not negotiable! Accepted Payments - Pokedollars only!
  5. Maybe it was , maybe it wasnt. If it was u will win at 30m. But for now, 32m + 1 iv rr
  6. 22M is cheap for a shiny like this! I go 22M
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