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  1. What a shock! Thos I wish I would win with the Shakira Song I am thrilled to be handong over the money to you @StevenJohnson! You are a good good man
  2. 21.69M Wait 10 minutes to bid because I will be back in 20
  3. This Hawlucha is overpriced but since I want to ladder with it and then see it useless for the rest of my life i will up the bid 20.69M
  4. One-Nine-Point-Six-Nine-Zero-Zero-Zero-Zero (19.69M)
  5. No more songs on the list... Let me check Spotify whilst im bidding 18.69M
  6. Tsamina mina ey ey Wakko Wakko Ey ey I will offer a price for you now! I offer 16m
  7. Eight beautiful Millions is my nice and respected offer on this pure and beautiful auction
  8. I am a Swede! Means you are in without any other requirements needed! Kungligt!
  9. when u offer in the last 15 minutes it becomes 15min left from when u made the offer and it also doesn't work like that, then i could jump in an auction telling the auctioner that i raise on last day with what i need to win,,, makes no sense
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